French and Italian outlying territories … after their capital falls

  • Do French and Italian colonial IPCs go in limbo when their capital falls. I assume so based on other posts on this forum. Must their former allies occupy them with land units to acquire their IPCs even if no enemy units have yet entered these territories. e.g. must germany move into Albania to capture its IPC or the British move into French West Africa to obtain that IPC for itself? Would the presence of “free french” units or italian stragglers impede IPC acquisition?

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    When the capital falls, no one receives the colonial IPCs.  Once the territory is captured by the enemy, they receive the IPCs.  If the territory is liberated, and the capital still not retaken, the liberator receives the IPCs until the capital is liberated. Free French and Italian stragglers do not receive IPC’s if they do not control their capital.

  • Look at rule book page 20. If you made a combat move into the tt(territory) and won, it is yours. If it was French to start with, then there was no combat move into the tt, and is still French. Liberate France if you want to collect income from it. The dutch are not a power, and are a different deal.

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