Please post when (and only when) you finally get your AAE40 home.

  • @radar231:

    Hi all,

    Got mine on Aug 24, 2010, I am from Québec city, Québec, and bought it at my preferred LGS.

    Played one Global so far, the Axis won. ( but it was a trial game, to get things iron out )


    J.  8-)

    Well, the Canadian capital is in Ontario, but the factory is in Quebec, so you should be proud of that. However, the Maritaime provinces have the naval base. The only Canadians who aren’t represented well are BC, Yukon, and Manitoba/Alberta/Saskatchewan

  • Customizer

    Sorry I’m a little late.  Didn’t notice this thread earlier.

    I preordered 2 copies from FMG, one in May and one last October.  Both arrived Aug 27.
    Played 2 games of Europe;  Game 1 went 16 rounds and Allies won.  Game 2 went 8 rounds and Axis won.  Getting ready to try out my first Global game.
    Central United States territory.

  • I got mine today from an eBay retailer.  Product + shipping cost U.S. $78.00 total.

    Is that about what everyone else paid from

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