Color of the Soviets -vs- the Italians

  • I have no idea why they pick such close colors to each other.  I cannot tell the difference between the two side-by-side much less on the board, especially when there not going to be in there countries like ships in the ocean.  It only looks like the Soviets are a little shiner than the Italians.  They pick such a strong color for France, so far removed from the theme of the other counties and stands out so much that they look a little awkward.  So you’d think they could have gone a little more red in the Soviets or something.  For those (like me) who have less color depth perception.

  • Agreed. I have a bag full of silver painted old style units for my home made 50th Anniversary game i was considering using for italians. The silver goes better with the european axis theme.

    Easy to make. I stood a whole country of units up in a shoe box lid and spray primered them twice in a day. Then spray painted them twice the next day.

  • Make the Soviets red.

    End of story 🙂

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    Make the Soviets MB AA brown

    make Italians light grey or light green

  • They didn’t call them “Reds” without a reason.

    I like Italy’s current color. Russia, not so much.

  • @reloader-1:

    They didn’t call them “Reds” without a reason.

    I like Italy’s current color. Russia, not so much.

    Me neither. Red (abit bordeaux) would be perfect.

    I wonder why France got such a radioactive blue  😄

  • Make the reds red…

  • The French blue looks good in person. It grows on you a bit….

  • I would probably prefer France to be a darker blue but it’s not so bad.  I’ve gotten used to it and since 95 percent of their units are killed in the first turn before they even move I don’t know it it matters anyway.

    Even though I agree that Italy and Russia are too close in color, I haven’t had too much of a problem telling them apart.  It would be a lot better if Russia was closer to a dark red though.

  • Honestly, I don’t have any problem telling them apart.

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    The appearance of the various colours is sometimes a bit different depending on whether you see them in sunlight, in incandescent light, or in fluorescent light.  I find that the lighting type makes the most difference when you compare the various shades of green that have been used for the American infantry pieces over the years in the different releases: in some lighting conditions (especially fluorescent lighting, which sometimes has a greenish hue) they look identical, while in others it’s easy to tell them apart.

  • agreed. Red should be the soviet color. But it not a big deal. I can tell the difference. And since turkey is now completely impassable w/o making a stupid attack, the italians and russians will probably not see action against each other.

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