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Why is Sierra Leone neutral?

  • It didn’t achieve independence from the UK until 1961.  It’s not like having it neutral will have an appreciable impact on game play.  Maybe it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but that’s a bizarre little mistake to make.

  • They probably didn’t want a tiny UK colony surrounded by a big French colony. They must have figured that it wouldn’t have mattered to the game play anyway and would have just been an insignificant territory. I’m usually a stickler for details, but I don’t mind the inacurate representation of Sierra Leone.

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    I do mind these things, and will be posting on this soon.

    Sierra Leone was an important Atlantic base for the UK, being it’s most westerly large colony in Africa.

    However is does seem bizarre that warts like Rio de Oro and Portuguese Guinea are included while much larger and more important colonies have been left out.

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