Any time for advice for a new player?

  • Buggy? YES!
    Worth it, NO!
    Some roll playing and specialty game stores have expansion/ rules variation pakets.
    Or you could try A&A Pacific or A&A Europe.
    Most prefer the original version with A&A Pacific a distant second.

  • Is their anything you can do to make the game harder therefore more fun. Whipping up on the computer is not much fun. By the way I am guest. The orginal poster. Thanks

  • iron bliz is free here:

    i got it, and it sucks, it’s basically the same thing but buggier and adds marines and destroyers.

    i know ironcross is working on an iron bliz for triplea, but triplea is really slow too, and unpopular (my guess the graphics) If you try to actually play an online game with it, you will know what i’m talking about. once computers get really fast, i guess it wouln’t matter though. It’s ok for clubs and stuff i guess, but if you want to click click click… and you can’t even take back your moves!!, it doesn’t go that fast…yet. In any case, you should at least download it, to try it out.

    I have dogs of war too, it’s the worst one i’ve seen though, maybe i don’t know how to use it :P
    there is another version i haven’t been able to get my hands on, it was 1994, i don’t think it has any chance of being better than what’s out anyway.

    your best bet right now is to play on the zone with the origial hasblow game
    in a year i doubt this will be the case
    have fun!

  • OK, not to sound like an idiot, but what ARE these “versions” you guys are talking about? I know the Hasbro version, what are the rest & how do they relate?


  • The best way to make the game harder is to restrict yourself, which is not much fun. Play Japan and don’t buy any transports or IC’s, or play russia and dont buy infantry, stuff like that. Or you can modify the computers units to be stronger. Unfortunately this doesn’t really make you better at playing people, because you end up using totally different strategies.

  • @nattyboh:

    Is their anything you can do to make the game harder therefore more fun. Whipping up on the computer is not much fun. By the way I am guest. The orginal poster. Thanks

    Yeah. Go into the options menu, choose “edit units” and up the defense number on the opposing country’s infantry and tanks by one. Changes the dynamic enough to make it more challenging.

    If that doesn’t fit your style, you can play around and tweak the opposing country’s units 'til it’s challenging enough. You can also save the “edit units” setup to recall for future games.

  • Thanks for the help, I’ll give it a try.

  • Hey nattyboh, this is way off topic, but i like your username. Does it come from the beer, National Bohemian? Iused to drink them often, but it is no longer available in this area. Haven’t seen it in a few years. Is it still available in your area? To make this post relevant, drink a six pack before playing. Keep drinking through the game to give the computer a chance.

  • LOL! Now THAT’S what I call advice!


  • w/ friends like that who needs enemies^_^

  • You know it. It’s all about Ole’ One Eye. About $5 bones per case for the best nector know to man. Just better watch out in the morning for the smell. I have already tried the six pack idea, I still beat this AI. It’s horrible.

  • @nattyboh:

    … $5 bones…

    Redundant? I’ve heard of dice, bones and a doctor referred to as ‘bones,’ but never $! Something new?

  • Xi, i think bones is not a new term for money. I’ve heard of it,but I can’t remember the context. Too many nattybohs I guess.

  • Yeah, bones=money, old man. :lol:

  • What did you say, young 'un? I couldn’t hear ya cuz I was busy
    ironing the wrinkles out’n my dead presidents :wink: .

  • Excuse me, but are you gentlemen talkin’ about tha scrilla? Tha chedda? Tha green?


  • Way way off topic here. :roll:

  • Off topic? Ain’t it about dough, bread, deneros, green backs, smackers, loot, loonies, bucks….?


  • While you’re at it, can you spare me some change, moolar (spell?), beans…?

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