A & A EXPERTS!!! T1 German Med Fleet–what DO you do?

  • I REALLY am interested in strategies w/ the Med fleet in the following sits–

    1.) RR, Submerging Subs otherwise 2nd-Ed rules…

    2.) RR, Submerging Subs, 2-Hit BBs, otherwise 2nd-Ed

    3.) RR, Submerging Subs, 2-Hit BBs, no Naval Occupation, otherwise 2nd-Ed

    4.) 3rd Ed, with various popular bid levels…



  • Are you trying steal my customers? :evil:

  • Damn! my heads spinnin’!
    Haven’t played all those.
    Won’t even pick one to start.
    Gowina bed.
    Ah’m tared.
    Later, 'Gators!


  • @Dirt:

    Are you trying steal my customers? :evil:

    🙂 HAHA! No, of course not. It’s just that I’m really interested in this subject & I want to get some specific strategies from the “experts”…I am periodically checking both postings, but yours seemed to be getting a bit off-topic, if you know what I mean…

    Besides, you have more responses… 😉


  • 😄 i appear to be an expert on axis and allies europe. i beat everyone i play. ive invented a set of house rules involving the soviet union. they start with 66 ipc’s improving the value of the following soviet terrotories siberia=12 turkestan=8 cacausas=10 lennigrad=3 stalingrad,balticstates,eastpoland,belorussia=2archangel ,russia=6 moscow=7karelia=2and the ukraine=4. when germany takes over these territories their income improves by the amount on the original game board.the soviets fall by the new amount.all soiets

  • First of all, You can defeat the british fleet threatining the medenterranean without using new rules. 😄 on your first turn make sure you by a sub. Attack the british battleship off of gibralter with a sub and your own battleship and sink it. fly the fighter from western europe and attack the transport off of canada. place the newly bought sub to protect the transport off of southern europe. Depending on who you are playing, your battleship should remain until your next turn(unless your playing someone who would risk attacking your battleship and or sub with his battleship, fighter, and or transport) if this happens put up a defensive position with your navy. 😢 attempt to keep the allies occupied in Africa as long as possible. if it doesnt occur, attack the british battleship in your way or any stray allied subs or transports with fighter support. your goal is too break out into the alantic. goodluck!!! 😄 😄

  • I dunno about that one. Why would I wanna break out into the Atlantic? I’m relatively safe in the Med; in the Atlantic I’d be a sitting duck for any potshots from Allied ships & aircraft in the area. In this case the SUB I bought would be a better choice–at least it can submerge/withdraw!

    Using the SUB I bought to defend my TR would likewise be pointless. The Allies are most likely to use aircraft vs. my fleet, so a SUB could do nothing but die. Even if the Allies threw in a ship, my SUB would have only a 1-in-3 chance of hitting it. In this case, my original BB is the better choice. SUBs are really effective only when used in numbers (or to back up other Naval units), and then they are best used offensive-defensively–that is to protect your ships and coastline by aggressively attacking adjacent enemy units in order to utilize their “1st-shot” capability.


  • Expert advice? Probably not, but here it goes anyway. I think you are right about not wanting to be in the atlantic. Too easy for US aircraft to just sink you on the way to England, WE, or FN.

    T1 - One Transport, 8 Inf
    I would use one fighter to get rid of the sub. You can leave the 1 inf in algeria and blitz the tank west to take the two territories south of Algeria and Libya, don’t remember the names. On non-combat you can ferry over two mor inf and now you have 3 in Libya, 1 in Algeria, and an armor in French West Africa. Be sure to put 4 inf in SE.
    You may lose Algeria to the allies, but you can attack it on T2 with 3 inf and the tank can go north or east. If England still has one inf and 1 armor in egypt you can dump 4 inf a BB on it, assuming the sub is dead. If the sub isn’t dead I would go for it anyway and lose the BS if it hits. Send a fighter to the sub too, because you want to make sure it dies. Pain in the a** if the BS misses and it submerges.

    Of course any strategy changes depending on what your oppenent does. One thing though. If you think your fleet is going to die before you get to use it again. I would use it as cannon fodder with the airforce to take out some of the now very scary allied fleet.

    To the real experts, any thoughts?

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