AAP too confusing!!! Is AAE better?

  • Hi! I recently bought Axis and Allies Pacific. I already had the original A&A, so I thought that “Pacific” would be a “light”-version of the game. The prob is that it’s so darn complicated! You always forget from which seazone you took your ships and planes when fighting on the battleboard and all those additional rules make AAP no fun to play, imho! Is “Europe” better/simpler than “Pacific”? Are there any new rules in “Europe”? If so, wich ones are there?
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  • Europe is somewhat simpiler (you don’t have CAPs or naval/air bases for instance), but many rules from Pacific were first seen by many people in Europe, such as destroyers, sub submerging, and artillery.

  • A brief summary of the major differences between the two games (page 1, AAE manual):
    1. Two new types of combat units - destroyers and artillery.
    2. Allied IPCs (money) are subject to German naval attacks (Germany doesnt gain ipc’s by taking convoys, the allies only lose some…).
    3.Players may not move into or fly over neutral countries.
    4.There is no weapons development process.
    5.Players may not build new Industrial Complexes.
    6.Bombers conducting Strategic Bombing Raids may be escorted by friendly fighters and attacked by enemy fighters.
    7.Battleships and submarines have new powers and abilities.
    8. If German forces capture Middle East countries, Allies are forced to pay IPCs directly to Germany.
    9. Order of play: Germany, Russia, UK, US.
    10. Each country gets a special cash advance before the game starts.
    11. The SU has special control over Allied units within home territories.

    Thats all, you can view the complete manual here:

  • your’e right although both games aren’t too good aae is less complicated.

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