• As anyone who plays the game knows, usually Russia would have 6 infantry defending against the Japanese.
    I would say the norm would be to put 4 in buryatia and 2 in soviet far east/ 6 in buryatia.
    But what about spreading the infantry onto 6 different territories? (Since Japanese will most probably invade russia anw, might as well stall them 1 by 1)
    Or will this only speed up the Japanese march into the Russia?

  • Better to have them all together. If you split them by territories then the Japs can easily pick them and then you’ll have no infantry and no territories. 1 single inf is easy to kill. 6 require more effort and can block/defend territories like Yakut, Kazakh or Novo (but watch out for the Japanese planes).

    To me the best move on R1 is to stack all of them on Buryatia, if you are planning to use the UK to harass and stall Japan (landing on New Guinea and killing the transport on SZ59 at least). Then you’ll force Japan to make choices. The 6 inf might get killed but they’ll take a few Japanese units or you might have the chance to take Manchuria on R2.

  • Yeah stacking is the way to go. Hope the Japanese don’t attack right away then try to send some fighters over for more of a deterrent from another allied player. Then sit back and enjoy your vodka while you can.

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