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    Another political situation question for global

    “Japan. At war with China. Movement of Allied forces into China is an act of war against Japan. May declare war on UK, ANZAC, USA, France, or the Soviet Union per the normal rules. Declaration of war against either the UK or ANZAC immediately results in a state of war with both. Being at war with France, the Soviet Union, or USA are all mutually exclusive meaning being at war with one of these does not affect relations with the other two. Japan may only attack Dutch territories if at war with UK and ANZAC.”

    So unlike Pacific, if Japan attacks UK/ANZAC, they are still not at war with USA?

    Yes, they are.

  • Official Q&A

    As in AAP40, an unprovoked Japanese attack on UK/ANZAC allows the US to declare war.

  • Krieg is such a life saver, thanks for being here for us to pick your brain.

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