• Once, I saw a roule (dunno if it was house or official) that said that land units (tanks, infantry) can pass freely from one side to the other of the Suez canal, i dont know if it was really a rule or just an hallucination but if it does, does this favor Allies a little bit (defence on africa by IC in India) ?

    Thanks… its my first post!

  • Yes, land units can pass freely through the Suez Canal. However, an IC on India would probably be too busy fighting off the Japs to focus any fire-power on Africa.

  • Yes, Egypt and Syria are connected by land so land units can go from one to another. It does favors the Allies since after cleaning up Africa the Allies forces can move directly into Asia to reinforce the Russian fronts without having to send TRNs all the way to EMed. But this is not a rule you can change (at least I have never heard of playing Africa as an island :D ).

  • Some consider it in favor of the Allies because on UK1 reinforcements can come from Syria (1 INF by land across the Suez Canal), and from India (2 INF TRNed and 1 FTR.) This puts more pressure on Germany, which is the primary Allied target. It does not shorten the minimum # of turns for an attack of any strength on Moscova (J5).

    Please, check out “The Med on G1” under the A&A Forum for a look at German moves in this arena. There are more detailed discussions on older posts deeper on the A&A forum list.
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