Moving (wrapping) by sea from one side of the board to the other.

  • I have a question about wrapping around the board.  Traveling by land it’s obvious that going east to west, Yukon Territory and British Columbia both boarders Alberta, Western US borders Central US, and Mexico borders Southeast Mexico.

    However there are two ways you can look at the sea zones;  1st, you can assume that (from bottom to top) that zone 52 goes to zone 66, then zone 51 goes to zone 65, zone 28 goes to zone 64 and zone 11 does not cross over (or possible could go to zone 64 also).  However if you draw straight horizontal lines then (from bottom to top again) zone 52 still goes to zone 66, zone 51 would then be able to go to zone 64, 65 & 66.  Then zone 28 would still go to 64, and zone 11 would still not cross.

    So the question is; do you follow the horizontal lines like the one depicted all over the map or do we distort the boarder and assume an artificial line up as the land (US, Canada & Mexico) does?  And does zone 11 cross over to zone 64?

    If anyone knows the correct answer please advise.  Hopefully it will be addressed the rules.

  • Noooo!!! those chimps screwed up the World!!

  • I have an answer that will solve everything: the world is not actually round!  There you go!  WOTC has solved all the problems and made a stunning revelation about the earth!

    The whole “round earth” theory was a conspiracy propagated by neo-liberal industrialists to enslave the masses and expand their minds.

    You wondered why New Yorkers are so much different from Californians?  It’s because they actually live on opposite sides of the world!

    That’s why Japan never bothered to try to invade South America because they would’ve fallen off the edge of the board!

  • i have started a topic about this a while ago called “Megaerror with the global map”. There Krieghund gave an answer to that.

    Anyway, for me that was a big disappointment.

  • SAS that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

  • Thanks Megaeinstein. I didn’t realize that it was addressed already.  I read your post and also seen where it was brought up again at Emperor_Taki’s post while at Gencon.  So maybe a more refined answer is yet to come or it will be the rules.  Anyway I’m fine with the rule going either way, based on my two choices.  I understand why each was map was designed for each side to work within its own board and know the US, Canada & Mexico do not need to line up together to work.  However, I just want to find the official way based on the game design.

  • As some players have said, the problem is not with the land territories, but with naval units.

    Anyway AA is a working project and that is what fascinates me the most. Fauls tend to be corrected in future versions.

    In a future map perhaps that aligment could be fixed and maybe Pacific and Atlantic could be wider.

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