• So, seeing the massive “Balancing Pacific 1940” thread in Larry’s site, I decided to incorporate certain ideas from that thread and made the following changes to setup:

    -China replaces one of its four infantry in Szechwan with an artillery piece. Add an AA gun to that territory as well.
    -Add one Chinese infantry to Hunnan.
    -Remove one bomber, tactical bomber, and fighter in Japan.
    -Move two New Zealand fighters to Queensland.
    -Move British fleet in Malaya to India, swap it with cruiser

    Over the past few days I’ve been trying out this setup with the game store I frequently visit for A&A games, and here’s a quick AAR:

    Japan tried to attack J1 and took the Philippines, sunk American destroyer, moved into Java and snatched it up. Early on Japan’s lightning blitzkrieg shook the Allies to their foundations but they never took India. China put up stronger resistance when it moved the AA gun to Yunnuan. Japan had to spend quite an amount of resources to stomping China to the ground, but like a cockroach it simply would not die. India was very close of being taken but Japan’s invasion failed (mostly due to the Dice Gods were feeling particularly generous and was giving the Japanese player box cars (6’s). ANZAC and British forces secured Sumatra and eventually drove Japan out of Java. The Americans, meanwhile, closed in from Truk, capturing Iwo Jima and the Philippines, sinking most of the Imperial Navy at a massive showdown near Guam. As soon as Chinese forces began appearing on the Chinese coast by J8 we quit the game.

    So, when I went back home I decided to modify the setup again. This time, Japan keeps its bomber, tactical bomber, and fighter in Japan. Went out the day before yesterday, played another game. Another AAR:

    Japan, of course, did another J1, and captured all of the DEI but Sumatra, whom had been fortified by ANZAC and Britain. China still proved to be a much bigger threat than it is in normal setup. That AA gun in particular is a nasty weapon to use against the Imperial Air Force. Eventually Japan did begin to overrun China left and right, and the Americans were having a Phoney War with the Imperial Navy near Truk, but the silence was broken when Japan invaded India with everything it could. India was taken, but the Japanese air force never recovered. Why? Well, in its attempt to close the Burma Road for the fourth time at least four fighters and one tactical bomber was shot down in a single round alone. ANZAC managed to take Java but was dislodged until the Americans finally showed up and re-took it. Unfortunately the Japanese got lucky and managed to sneakily invade Australia. The US Navy came bolting in but had its teeth knocked out near New Hebrides. Sydney was taken, and the Japanese won.

    CONCLUSION: Well, there really isn’t one. I’m going over later tomorrow to play a game where Japan does J2 and J3 attacks (minus one bomber, tac, and fighter in Japan). Allies won first time, Japan second, so I’m really not sure if this set-up works or not. I do know, however, that giving the Chinese an AA gun will have their survival rate skyrocket.


  • Sounds like some of the suggestions are working. Thanks for the feed back, next time we play we will try:

    1. Chinese AA gun, and swap 1 inf for art in Szec.
    2. Add NB to NSW, and move 1 ftr from NZ to Queens
    3. Swap Brits BB & cruiser, and move back 1 trp to India (maybe both trps)

    I know you planned a J1 attack, but did it seem like there was enough on the table for Jap to warrant it. That’s why I’m thinking about leaving one trpt in Malaya so Jap can still nail some thing w/cruiser. J1 could still remove all but 2 allied tpts that way. What did UK do w/BB, sounds like you didn’t counter Jap at Java UK1 (to risky). Sounds like it was the backbone for the UK/Anz fleet near DEI, which would allow the US to maneuver better. I like giving the Chinese an AA gun. With all that available air power, it just seems right.

    I don’t want to do to much right off the bat. Most of the above changes shouldn’t effect later Jap attacks too much. I’m starting to think that a total Pac reduction in air would be better then just reduce Japs, if you go that route.

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