New maps I am working on some advice asked for

  • Well I have at last finished (sort of) a map for A&A Europe that I am happy with (Hey it took only 17 years and was started even bfore there was a A&A Europe :lol: ) It is I can say quite nice I worked on expanding a 1 inch by inch square area to a 1 and 1 half inch square area effectively doubling the size of the map. For example Canada is now four territories (Ontario, manitoba, Quebec and the Maritimes (Which is actually an island group)). meanwhile the German player has to deicde if he will move toward the economic heartland of Russia or toward Moscow. I decided to keep the original values for the territories hence alot of empty spaces with no value except for getting you where you want to go. Further this put them in somthing resembling original geographic positions (For example Solvokia is the industrial heatland of Czecheslovakia (now two territories))

    Now I am ready to turn my attention to Conquest of the Empire I was wondering if it was up to you what would you import into the game from the new A&A series. I was thinking of either using the convoy system or the Supply line introduced in A&A Pacific to represent things such as the Egyptian grain convoys. Any suggestions?

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