Is A&A pacific or A&A pacific 1940 better?

  • i am choosing between pacific and p40

  • Both of them have their flaws but I have to choose Pacific 1940. It ahs its flaws but I like the new rules and board size. I especially like its going to be combined with europe 1940.  😄 😄 😄

  • It depends if your not buying Europe 40 then buy the original if your buying Europe 40 buy Pacific 40.

  • I like Pac 40 better.  There are more sea zones and a few more playing pieces making it more interesting.  I like the way submarines may be used to diminish IPCs and I also like the way sub-stalling has been eliminated in favor of destroyer stalling.  The rules for scrambling air units are good.  China is much more dynamic.  It is hard for me to come up with a reason to prefer the original game.

  • AAP40 has a better territory layout, and additional types of military units and facilites( although it dosnt have marines).It dosnt have victory points. I like AAP40 more  because the gameplay is more varied.

  • When I was younger, I believed A&A: Pacific was the best game in the series, and I would recommend most people to play it.

    However, at the moment, I would suggest you buy A&A Pacific 1940.

  • what are the flaws of p40? what are the flaws of the origial pacific?

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