• 1942 situation

    Russian Fighter and Bomber attack Z5 with German Cru, Des, sub and Transport

    Russia scores 2 hits, Germany scores 1 hit

    Planes cannot hit sub and sub cannot hit planes

    So, Germany loses Cru and Des. Russia loses bomber.

    This leaves Russia with Fighter plane and Germany with Sub and Transport.

    Does Transport die?

    If (in another situation) a Sub submerges, does this change the answer. In otherwords, would the transport die if the sub submerged?


    (game in play….quick answer is VERY appreaciated!!!)

  • The transport dies, the sub lives. If a sub submerges, then it cannot be protecting the transports - they would die if they are unescorted.

  • Official Q&A

    Welcome, Wileyone!

    The transport dies, whether or not the sub submerges.

    The important thing to understand about the defenseless transport rule is that it’s basically there to keep you from having to roll round after round of dice when the outcome is inevitable. The Soviet fighter would eventually hit the transport if the battle continued. It’s just a matter of time.

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