Rule Concerning Factory in China

  • We’re having a discussion about the rules for the Pacific game…

    Can the US build units at the factory in China since they run this country. Or is the factory only there to:
    1. Benefit Japan if they take China or
    2. On the off chance that China takes valuable territory, they can build stuff.


  • The us cannot build units in China. Only Chinese troops are “built” but they do not cost IPC’s

  • A&A players …

    Please, note this is aa AAP question.

  • My goof i thought it was an AARP question. Must be my alzheimers kicking in.

  • Ive always played where you can only build infantry there even if japan owns it 😎

  • A&A players …

    Please, note this is aa AAP question.


    Thanks, I was wondering what the fudge he was asking……

  • I don’t recall seeing anything in the rule book which specifically prohibited
    building units there. My experience has always been that the U.S. is typically spending all its $$$ In U.S., Hawaii or in any new IC"s built. In our games the U.S. Player usually builds a couple of Armor units, artillery, US infantry maybe another fighter.

  • Sorry for the confusion, Mr. President!

    mortie_, are you serious or whut!?!

  • El: Of course I´m serious. The US can build an IC in China in AA (although they probably won´t have China by the time it´s their turn), so the question seemed weird. Kinda like: Can the UK put its troops on US transporters? The answer to both questions is: Sure, go for it.

    But then again, Bradford DID say it was a Pacific question……

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