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    Thought of a good one after a game today;  leaving one Battleship and one destroyer, accompanied by about nine or so full transports, in range of five bombers and two subs.

    As you probably imagine, that was essentially the end of the game and a loss for the allies. lol

    Haha, I guess this was a Spring '42 game. This really made me laugh.


    Yeah, they were attempting to offload troops for Soviet Support in the northern most coastal Soviet territory…… left it largely undefended.  Without the troops on the transports Moscow would have fallen, in addition to the fact that Japan was pumping units through China after removing the UK from China.

  • Played a game of A&A Global Alpha +3 tonight (finished about an hour ago) with 3 people, I was playing the UK, ANZAC and France. I had 2 French Infantry take Lybia from Italy, she responded by amphibiously assaulting (missing with the Cruiser bombardment) 1 Infantry, 1 Arty and 1 Tank and supporting it with 2 fighters. I successfully defended keeping 1 Infantry alive and killing everything save 1 fighter.
    Absoultely perposterious dice rolling but incredibly funny.

    Hope you enjoyed the story.


  • Spam not dead.

  • Played a game of AAE last night, with me as the Allies. On about the second turn, I put a nice stack of 9 infantry in Belorussia, thinking that would be enough to at least slightly mangle any German force that might attack. Germany attacked with a mixed force of about a dozen units, and got 8 hits on the first roll. My infantry? All 9 of the buggers missed. Missed in the second round also; Germany got Belorussia for free.

    Later, Germany tried to take my fighter in Malta, with inf/art + battleship/destroyer OSB. Despite rolling 6 for the first 5 rounds, the fighter ended up winning 🙂

    Good thread, by the way. I try to make at least one completely crazy move every time I play; win or lose, it keeps things interesting.

  • Ok, so this is not an Axis&Allies moment but you guys would appericate this. Im playing a world war 1 based board game (No, not “the Conflict” game FMG is advertising for) and the Russian player is trying to steamroll the Austrians in Galacia. Thing are going well and the Austrians seem to be on their way out of the game, there last ditch effort is to dig-in in the carpathians and in the face of a monstrous Russian invasion it looks like a feeble last attempt. On a whim the Austrian spents what little remained of his economy to do some tech research (the players reasoning was all he had left was enough for 1 attempt of research and he figured “why not?”). By total luck he managed to get the next level infantry research which completely changed the front. Now the massive Russian forces couldnt hope to breakthrough, and the next turns saw the Austrians revived and start invading Russian territory. It was espically hilarious because up until that point the Russians had been unstoppable, and the Austrians were the first country in the game to get that infantry research! We all know how great the Austrians were historically!  :lol:

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    The Moral of Clyde’s story?  Always stick to your guns…

  • I’ve got one, a Global 1940 game. I was Germany, my friends Steven and Tyler were Japan and Italy respectfully. The war was going pretty well for the Axis, with France fallen and major advances into the USSR. But a Soviet counter attack, stiff resistance in China & India, an uninvadable Britain and US entry into the war was spelling defeat for the Axis. Things seemed down until I noticed that Italy still had a sizable Navy and America had it’s East Coast fairly weak, mostly gearing for a D-Day. So I called a secret Axis meeting, told Tyler to move to the outside of the navy base at Italian Gibraltar, 3 spaces from D.C. coast and make it look like an invasion of Britain. The Allies bit, America sent all her ships to Britain and Italy in turn sent her ships to the East Coast. With but 2 infantry and 1 tank to defend, America’s beloved capital was captured and 80 IPC went into Italy’s pocket. America withdrew to take back the East Coast but couldn’t get it back until the turn after, by then the Italians had moved north to take Alaska and establish an airbase for the Japanese to bomb US factories. The 80 IPC was spent on defenses for Normandy while I recovered and took Moscow. FDR would go down in history as America’s worst President

  • TripleA

    The closest story I think I have is one game where I was playing A&A1942 as the Allies (one-on-one) with a friend. For US, I decided I would try something different. Every turn, I just stocked up on subs and threw them at Japan. The first wave died. The second wave broke through, and tadaa, all his transports were gone. And there was no way, with only 35 IPC that he could break through 20-25 subs, whose hits are opening fire casualties. Not the best strategy, but it was fun watching Japan flounder about in the Pacific.  =P    Then Japan made a last ditch effort to capture moscow with 2 inf, 4 figs, and a bomber. Unfortunately for them, 3 of their figs died to AA fire. That marked the end of the Japanese empire.

  • Once while playing the original A/A in a desperate move I sent a British transport with 2 infantry
    from the western Med. into the Black Sea and attacked Ukraine that had 4 German fighters.
    I rolled 2 ones, he missed on all four and then I rolled snake eyes again. Unforgetable and hilarious.  What a rush!

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