• Mere minutes ago, in an alpha+ game with my dad, the German fleet and air force attacks the British fleet.

    The Germans move in with the odds, 3 submarines, 4 fighters, a cruiser, a tactical, and a strategic.
    The British defend with 2 destroyers, 4 cruisers, and 2 scrambled fighters.

    The Germans hit 3 and take out the destroyers and a cruiser.
    The British hit every single roll and cripple the german air force and navy.

    Needless to say, he’s not too happy and I’m ecstatic.

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    I was playing an expansion game a few years ago.  It was a 1939 version and had an option for Japan to do a surprise double attack the first turn that they attacked anyone other than China or a Neutral.  I had carefully planned the first several turns of my game so that when my surprise attack came I would crush the allies.  So I captured all of China and a couple small neutrals then launched my carefully scripted double assault.  My attacks went flawlessly; I captured the entire pacific as well as the south of Asia all the way to the Middle East.  It was a huge victory for the Axis. I was at the gates of Moscow and everyone agreed that the game was all but won.

    So the US out of desperation launched a suicide mission on the Japanese home Island.  He had to clear my small defensive fleet and kill the small home defense.  The Japanese forces were small, but the US could only reach with 1 transport and a few air units.  The attack was laughable.  Until I (Japan) did not score a single hit in 9 rounds of combat and lost my home territory.  Per the rules I had 1 round to recover my capital.  However, my lightening assault had put all my units just out of reach of return to Japan…

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    Quickly look at this game of revised.  All competent players who knew the game.

    Germans won by building a battleships, carriers, and a factory in egypt.  “LOL what” you say?  Though I realized by G2 the strategy I had of building 1 battleship a turn was BAD, but I was locked in! and because of the overwhelming response of the allies, I used this to smash them to pieces.

    Sometimes sticking to your guns, when everyone says you’re crazy, works out just fine 🙂

    If you want, just read pages 5 and 6, where it goes over everyone’s debrief of the game 😛

  • In Germany’s attack on France using latest Alpha updates, not a single German unit got a hit on the first round of combat. The French and British defenders got eight hits and the Germans retreated. The best part was that the Axis players wanted to keep playing it out, even when presented with the option to start over  😄

  • Mine was a game of global 40, i had 5 tranports off the coast of girbralter each with inf and tanks and two cruisers with the trannys. on americas attack phase i went for south france were the italians had 6 inf. those 6 inf decimated the americans (no survivors). at the end of the turn there was 1 lonly italian still standing in southern france. i must say i was pretty pissed.

  • I played a game of D-Day the other day with a friend. I was the Allies, because I knew they were harder to win with, and I was a more experienced player than he.

    For the most part, the game was unremarkable. I took Caen with ease, but my moves on St. Lo and Cherbourg were slower, thanks to some very unlucky die rolls. The worst of them all came at the very end of the game, though.

    Turn 9; Caen is mine beyond question, my forces are massed outside Cherbourg, and I have an infantry and an artillery still fighting in St. Lo, with six tanks about to move in to join them (against a fairly small German force). I take Cherbourg, and my initial battle in St. Lo goes fairly well; given the lack of German units able to move in to reinforce St. Lo, I’m pretty confident I’ll win it on his attack.

    He attacks with four units, killing one or two of mine. I defend, with eight units defending at 2. I get only three hits, thus failing to kill all his units, and because it’s turn nine, losing the game.

    At the end of the game, he literally had one unit left on the board keeping me from winning; an infantry in St. Lo.

  • J2 invasion of India, lost 4 of 5 fighters and 1 bomber to AA gun.  Real dice.

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    J2 invasion of India, lost 4 of 5 fighters and 1 bomber to AA gun.  Real dice.

    And real good shooting. Every gun crew would have gotten a VC!


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    I remember a battle for moscow.  My 29 dice hit nothing.

    Another battle,  I was defending against a sea-lion in original Europe… 5/6 for AA shots! 😛 😛 😛 Game.

  • They spread all of their Russian units all over Russia to “build a perimeter” and were slowly picked off by the germans (they put about 3 pieces in each territory)…

    FAIL  :mrgreen:

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    hey sun, that sounds like a “Risk” strategy. i dont think it would work well in A&A tho.  😉

  • What ABworsham said about New Guinea reminded me of a unforgetable Risk game me and my friends played. There were 4 of us and we were playing standard risk but with diplomacy rules. You could ally with someone and make a team. That way the game was interesting. So me and my ally were the two best players in our group. “Strategically Gifted” so to speak. Well we carved out our territorys the frontline somewhere in Asia and Brazil. And of course Greenland. He controlled Brazil and our Asiatic territories so he was stretched thin. I on the otherhand placed all my troops in one territory. So i figured I could push my opponents out of…… <shudder>Iceland… I pushed my troops forward. After a heated battle of dice rolls I won. But at a terrible cost. My army was weakened to the breaking point. My enemy pushed on into N. America and with myeslf having to hold more territories and my ally already stretched thin from pushes on his front we broke and our armies crushed. It was one of the greatest strategic failures of my life. However it effected all of us. To this day when one of us is planning a major assault or is getting to cocky for his own good all we have to do is utter is five words. Remember the Battle of Iceland?</shudder>

  • i know, thats why it was a fail… this did happen to one of my friends though, because they are poor strategists  :roll:

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    They spread all of their Russian units all over Russia to “build a perimeter” and were slowly picked off by the germans (they put about 3 pieces in each territory)…


  • Playing AAE40, with Alpha +2.

    The French had, most obviously lost France in the first turn, however it was lost with only ONE german tank remaining.
    Throughout the game they managed to do the following:
    -Sink the Bismarck (original German Battleship) and it’s escort cruiser.
    -Sink 8 barges.
    -Sink 2 italian destroyers and a sub in the mediterranean.
    -Invade Tobruk, Alexandria and liberate Alexandria, Killing 2 infantries and an Artillery in the process.
    -Liberate Kenya, Congo and Sudan, Killing two Italian infantries in the procees.
    -Defend Syria, Killing 1 infantry and 1 artillery.

    I had never seen the French forces being so useful…


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    Dang, who would have thought? Pass me some of that wine.  😄


  • My buddy “scaramouche” and I were playing A & A IB on the PC one night with paratroopers turned “on” (small apartment at the time, no room to set up the board game IIRC). I was the Allies so I had Russia going first, and on the opening turn I decided to be ridiculously  aggressive like you can play against the AI…so I moved all of my pcs forward to their max, and when my turn was over, I had decimated most of his forward strength all along the border territories. I was sitting pretty, or so I thought.

    He bought his units and then he made ONE combat move…he loaded one paratrooper on his bomber and dropped it into Moscow. I had NOTHING within a one-turn range of taking it back. I just sat there, staring at the screen. Totally forgot about the paratrooper thing…and that was game, set match.  😄


  • For grins, I was playing a two friends in Global 1940:

    Russia turn 1: I place 17 infantry and 1 aa gun next to Manchuria as bait.

    Japan attacks: round 1: 10/17 russian infantry hit, Japan hit 3 times out of 14 land units, 8 air units (2 transports now out of position)

    He retreats, and I hear about it the rest of the game (as Japan is stopped in China), then we remember I forgot to roll my aa gun: 2 more hits, but I let him keep the planes so I could keep my hits.

    Same game, Germany takes London, Russian fleet (yes 2 carriers and 3 DDs, and 2 TT sz 127) secures Norway with 4 land units. Collected +6 IPCs (3 territory, 3 NO)

    Germany moves 10 transports to sz 112, decides to drop 4 land units there and the rest on W. Germany non combat, uses 4-6 planes to attack Norway.

    I hit 3/4 with Russian 2’s, he misses entire round. I finish off his land units and a couple planes before he retreats: Norway secured!! Even though he had 10 transports at his disposal. Collects -8 IPCs (3 territory, 5 NO) that makes it a 14 IPC swing (1 carrier almost paid for!)

    He whines like I just ate his baby, this coming from a guy who on his first game of global ever, secures all 3 Italian NO’s on turn 1!!!
    Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Alexandria, S. France, Greece, and Gibraltar!! and Scuttles the French ships leaving fleet in the Mediterranean as I had pulled UK’s around to India after stacking my land and air in Egypt! I wanted to focus on Japan, the experienced player and figured he couldn’t hurt Egypt with the transports I left him. Oops!!

    Collects 19 + 15 for NO + 10 IPCs saved for 44 IPCs to spend on turn 2! (who needs to buy units when you can clear the board attacking with 2 infantry on 1 in Morocco or hitting Greece with 2 infantry 1 tank and 1 fighter for a win!

    I will add, I failed to hit with single infantry (10-15 times) all game in China, Russia, and Africa but when they fought together, they were a sight to behold!

    I had to try a Russian fleet at least once (and because I was the senior player, one was new to global so I figured I’d throw a softball) , in honor of my Classic axis Russian carrier build turn 1 win. History may have repeated itself if we finished the game.

    Russian fleet: (was not that effective, needed 4 turns to link with US fleet which was not realistic, did not result in loss by the second day of playing, we scrapped it to return home to St. Louis:Germany claimed he had a lot of chips and Moscow was his, but during clean up, he asked where all those red chips came from, and I replied Moscow…lol)

    Did learn that 1st turns money is not vital (I used 2 turns of money and that was vital) , and 1 DD would have probably secured the sz125 NO for Russia 2-3 turns after at war. (8 IPCs would have got me 10-15 likely)

  • Oh god, where to begin…

    My friends and I play Global with house rules that make it more like rise of nations (if it was a board game) than Axis and allies. in short, everyone is neutral in the beginning, everyone has special abilities (in place of national objectives), and it is such a chaotic mess, that it is so damn fun we play it all day once a month.

    Anyway, we’re playing a game, I’m the USSR who is allied with Japan and the UK. We are at war with the ANZAC/US pact, I’m neutral with the Franco-Prussian alliance (but are at war with the UK), and Italy is all alone. No one is playing china so Japan and I just sort of roll through it.

    Italy is rolled over by the Germans. he leaves, surrendering all remaining territory to France. the Franco-Prussian alliance invades the UK, who switches his capital to Calcutta last minute (again, we play with some funky rules). I don’t help the UK because I’m busy securing peace with Germany and making sure I can focus my attention elsewhere, so japan doesn’t fight 2 countries by himself.

    games is going well (except for the UK and Italy, well Italy had to go to church anyway so it worked out), My mates and I are screwing over the Americans and the…ANZAC…ies… and we’re ready to crush the US. Japan has all but conquered australia, New Zealand is a doom fortress of doom, filled with infantry and loaned IPC’s to build more. UK is holding on for dear life as africa is getting raped by the french, while germany picks off neutral countries and backs up france. They won’t screw with me and let me take a few neutral territies…to build some Soviet battleships and transports…(again funky rules). I’m ready to invade alaska when the FPA begins to invade the eastern us. They have enough to take the last capital they need to win. japan says something like “good work guys, I guess we can take victory”

    I was confused but then it hit me, he was working with France the whole time. Japan backstabbed me. I was so pissed, it was like the often parodied scene from downfall minus the crying.

    I then ally with my former enemies, agreeing to crush Japan and the FPA. After invading korea, I invade japan with my Alaskan invasion fleet. I bombard….no hits…I invade. I have a bunch of tanks and a few infantry left over from invading Korea. He has some artillery a tank and an infantry…not much at all. I get obliterated, I take out a few units but his artillery kicks my ass.

    The UK and the USA try to take out the Japanese navy. The US completely fails, losing a bunch of expensive boats to an air craft carrier…with some cheap ass planes. The UK kinda liberates ANZAC but the Japanese still have Sydney and are still able to build. We at least had him distracted in china (which had more essential cities than ANZAC did anyway)

    The Germans invade the east coast while the Americans barely hold on after a joint denfence with the UK. The French player laughs saying how utterly screwed we are…and the releases an enormous fart next to the German player. We had ordered an Italian beef and hot pepper pizza which apparently didn’t sit well with him. Germany gets pissed and breaks the alliance citing the fart and japan being a deceitful prick and goes for both the US east coast…and france. He crushes france who takes up japan after Japan leaves for wrestling practice (because France had some piddlings in Africa left after the invasion…he was done).

    Germany is poised for victory. I am given control of the remaining us pieces, uk has Australia. The situation was, if we held the east, we would keep him back and could invade Germany next turn (or well I could, the UK would be taking out the French until he could reach Italy). Our joint defnce…utterly fails. He had wayyy to many IPC and could muster a giant invasion fleet. He won on his lone some, everyone else lost.

    Gracious in victory, the last slice of the pizza (which was to go to the victor) was shared with me and germany (as the US and anzac had left, and the UK didn’t like it) saying I was a good opponent and he felt bad that japan backstabbed me.

    Insanity as usual, it was the most fun we’ve had. I have more stories from older games, but I can’t recollect anything noteworthy.

  • I played a game of Global 1940 where the Germans threw everything they had a Paris, they had attacked he British navy, but still had most of their airforces attacking Paris. When the dust setteled, all that was left was 1 single French fighter, it was hilarious!
    The really weird thing, was the axis player wanted to keep playing. The Brits moved their infantry from Normandy to Paris and the entire RAF, for a total of 6 fighters (including the French one) and procceded to sink the bulk of the Italian navy. Then the placed the remnants of their fleet (I think it was a cruiser and 2 destroyers, and something else cruiser or battleship) in sz 109 and built more transports to reinforce the French. The Italians made an attempt on Paris, with  2infantry 2 arty, 1 tank, 1 fighter and 1 Tac. The Italians were butchered with the allies still controling Paris with 5 fighters! Finally the French took their turn and bought 5 infantry and a arty, moved 1 infantry into an unoccupied Belgium and attacked N. Italy with 1 infantry, 1arty, 1tank and 2 fighters against 3 Italian infantry with the tank. They aslo sunk the remnants of the Italian fleet with their fleet sz93. France collected 24IPC and game continued. Germany re-took Belgium and N. Italy, but had been seriously weakened, and was never able to really threatened Paris again. They game finally ended and few turns later with the French storming into Berlin after the British captured Rome, and all before the US or the Soviets got to fire a single shot!  😄

  • I haven’t any funny A&A stories, however Rish 2150 is amusing in the sense that my friend has received his Asia bonus once.

    In about dozen or so games, once.

    I get it and clean his clock. lol

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    I literally had a guy attack me with a knife, over a game of Conquest of the Empire.

    We got in a dispute about something, and he stole my watch from the game table and put it in his pocket, so I wrestled him to the ground and took it back.  Then he stood up, red faced, and produced a knife.

    He came at me and was trying to stab me, but the other 2 players (Both subtle users of this site) didn’t think it was legit until it had been a few minutes of fighting, and both our hands were wrestling for the blade.  Then the “Whoah whoah whoah - put it down! Put it down!” started.

    No one got stabbed.  But the game was over.

    The game was outside on the hottest day of the year, so we blamed heat stroke, and now don’t play games outside in the sun anymore… for obvious reason 😄

  • I’d have a strict no weapons policy over board games, knife=end of friendship. 🙂

    Its amazing that you continue to play with him and we didn’t see this on an episode of “Cops”.

  • Thought of a good one after a game today;  leaving one Battleship and one destroyer, accompanied by about nine or so full transports, in range of five bombers and two subs.

    As you probably imagine, that was essentially the end of the game and a loss for the allies. lol

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    Thought of a good one after a game today;  leaving one Battleship and one destroyer, accompanied by about nine or so full transports, in range of five bombers and two subs.

    As you probably imagine, that was essentially the end of the game and a loss for the allies. lol

    Haha, I guess this was a Spring '42 game. This really made me laugh.


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