• One game of revised I was playing my firned played the SU and had no expirence so he asked me(UK/US) what the best unit in the game was based on Att and Def stats. I told him BB but he should build Inf and Art. Instead he realised he had 24 Ipc the same cost of a BB in revised. So he Brought the BB. the German player wis licking his lips seeing that Russia would fall easily. So on G1 the German attacked the UK BB by Gilbartir with a sub and a BB. He killed it thinking that he would take the SU BB next turn wasting the SU players turn. He then took Lenningrad and CauCau. Next SU brought another BB. At this stage I was thinking of conceding after UK had lost Calcutta turn before. Then When Germany attacked Moscow which had all of its original units. The SU player hadn’t attacked at all. The battle was

    Germany, 2inf,  6arm, 4 fig, 1 bmr against SU, 3 inf, 1 fig, 2arm, 1 art, AA

    First round
    AA gun took down 2 Fig and Bmr
    Germany killed 1 inf
    SU killed 2 inf 1 arm

    2nd round
    AA GUn killed 2 fig
    Germany killed 2 inf 1 art
    SU killed All 5 arm
    Germany was so angry he attacked two BBs with BB and sub. He lost both with neither BB taking a hit.
    Germany then just started making random attacks on SU and lost because of it.

  • AA only fires one per combat, not every round

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    Just cause I like the thread, it is the crazy stories of Axis and Allies. if Djensen says it is not worth stickying so be it… So petition away, no hard feelings if you do.

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    Untrue. You did.  :wink:


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    Last game I played (World Spring 1942) Japan attacked a British stronghold in India, with 5 fighters and 1 Bomber. The AA gun shot down 4 fighters. It came down to a 2 tanks vs. the bomber + a tank. The Japanese decided to risk it and get rid of the factory. Japanese = 2 misses. Britain = 2 hits.


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    Just cause I like the thread, it is the crazy stories of Axis and Allies. if Djensen says it is not worth stickying so be it… So petition away, no hard feelings if you do.

    You’ve pretty much killed the thread.  :wink:

    Untrue. You did.  :wink:


    Actually I just revived it.

  • In a G40 game, japan attacked a Chinese territory with 8 inf and an art with 3 inf, art, 2 mech, tank, 2 ftr, 3 tac. Japan hit 7 times, and China hit 6 out of 8 times!!! Next round, Japan finished off China, but not before both Chinese units hit. Thus, Chinese troops hit 8 out of 10 times and decimated the Japanese ground force.

  • Europe 1940 Russia built a major factory in Romania.

    They built out of it once, we traded it like 4 times, then I finally seize it permanently at a steep cost:

    I hit with Italy, AAgun shoots down both planes, units are mostly ones I lose.

    Then I follow up with Germany, 3 of my 3 planes sent in fall to the AAGun again, this time I squeak out a capture with like 1 unsupported land unit.

    Allies respond: we kept missing 24-30 other AA rolls. I respond, I wish you had hit me then, instead of all at once! :)

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    this just happened yesterday on TripleA, in a multi so there were witnessess. my japanese partner attacked an amercian fleet, “Battle casualty summary: Battle score (TUV change) for attacker is 79”, the japs didnt lose one unit, the 2 jap BBs soaked up the lousy 2 hits the american fleet dished out before it all went to the bottom. $79 worth of navy destroyed for free. it was an epic defeat that i might never see again  :-o

  • In AA50, for about 4-6 games in a row at a point, I was feared for my efficiency with Russian or British AA guns.

    In that time period, I shot down 3/4 air units about 3 times, shot down 2/2 countless times, and once got 4/6 German fighters in an assault on Karelia.

    On the opposite end of rolling fortune, in A&A in general, my dad is well known by everyone that we play with for how terrible his rolling is. His friend likes to say “The most fun part of Axis and Allies is watching your dad suck at rolling”

    It proved true in an AA50 game once when I attacked Karelia with about 8 infantry, 4 tanks, 3 fighters, and a bomber. In defense he had around 12 infantry, 2 artillery, and 4 tanks.

    I took Karelia with total casualties of 2 infantry.

    Also one time I had Russians earning 60 IPC’s. I was confident enough in my victory and surprised enough about my income that to rub it in, I built a Soviet aircraft carrier in the Caspian sea.

  • I think we should sticky this thread again  8-)

  • Mere minutes ago, in an alpha+ game with my dad, the German fleet and air force attacks the British fleet.

    The Germans move in with the odds, 3 submarines, 4 fighters, a cruiser, a tactical, and a strategic.
    The British defend with 2 destroyers, 4 cruisers, and 2 scrambled fighters.

    The Germans hit 3 and take out the destroyers and a cruiser.
    The British hit every single roll and cripple the german air force and navy.

    Needless to say, he’s not too happy and I’m ecstatic.

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    I was playing an expansion game a few years ago.  It was a 1939 version and had an option for Japan to do a surprise double attack the first turn that they attacked anyone other than China or a Neutral.  I had carefully planned the first several turns of my game so that when my surprise attack came I would crush the allies.  So I captured all of China and a couple small neutrals then launched my carefully scripted double assault.  My attacks went flawlessly; I captured the entire pacific as well as the south of Asia all the way to the Middle East.  It was a huge victory for the Axis. I was at the gates of Moscow and everyone agreed that the game was all but won.

    So the US out of desperation launched a suicide mission on the Japanese home Island.  He had to clear my small defensive fleet and kill the small home defense.  The Japanese forces were small, but the US could only reach with 1 transport and a few air units.  The attack was laughable.  Until I (Japan) did not score a single hit in 9 rounds of combat and lost my home territory.  Per the rules I had 1 round to recover my capital.  However, my lightening assault had put all my units just out of reach of return to Japan…

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    Quickly look at this game of revised.  All competent players who knew the game.

    Germans won by building a battleships, carriers, and a factory in egypt.  “LOL what” you say?  Though I realized by G2 the strategy I had of building 1 battleship a turn was BAD, but I was locked in! and because of the overwhelming response of the allies, I used this to smash them to pieces.

    Sometimes sticking to your guns, when everyone says you’re crazy, works out just fine :)

    If you want, just read pages 5 and 6, where it goes over everyone’s debrief of the game :P

  • In Germany’s attack on France using latest Alpha updates, not a single German unit got a hit on the first round of combat. The French and British defenders got eight hits and the Germans retreated. The best part was that the Axis players wanted to keep playing it out, even when presented with the option to start over  :-D

  • Mine was a game of global 40, i had 5 tranports off the coast of girbralter each with inf and tanks and two cruisers with the trannys. on americas attack phase i went for south france were the italians had 6 inf. those 6 inf decimated the americans (no survivors). at the end of the turn there was 1 lonly italian still standing in southern france. i must say i was pretty pissed.

  • I played a game of D-Day the other day with a friend. I was the Allies, because I knew they were harder to win with, and I was a more experienced player than he.

    For the most part, the game was unremarkable. I took Caen with ease, but my moves on St. Lo and Cherbourg were slower, thanks to some very unlucky die rolls. The worst of them all came at the very end of the game, though.

    Turn 9; Caen is mine beyond question, my forces are massed outside Cherbourg, and I have an infantry and an artillery still fighting in St. Lo, with six tanks about to move in to join them (against a fairly small German force). I take Cherbourg, and my initial battle in St. Lo goes fairly well; given the lack of German units able to move in to reinforce St. Lo, I’m pretty confident I’ll win it on his attack.

    He attacks with four units, killing one or two of mine. I defend, with eight units defending at 2. I get only three hits, thus failing to kill all his units, and because it’s turn nine, losing the game.

    At the end of the game, he literally had one unit left on the board keeping me from winning; an infantry in St. Lo.

  • J2 invasion of India, lost 4 of 5 fighters and 1 bomber to AA gun.  Real dice.

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    J2 invasion of India, lost 4 of 5 fighters and 1 bomber to AA gun.  Real dice.

    And real good shooting. Every gun crew would have gotten a VC!


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    I remember a battle for moscow.  My 29 dice hit nothing.

    Another battle,  I was defending against a sea-lion in original Europe… 5/6 for AA shots! :P :P :P Game.

  • They spread all of their Russian units all over Russia to “build a perimeter” and were slowly picked off by the germans (they put about 3 pieces in each territory)…

    FAIL  :mrgreen:

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