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Amphibious Assault Question

  • I have played Axis and Allies: Europe twice and I have a question about amphibious assaults. If you where to have a number of destroyers in a sea zone and you do an amphibious assault, do all of these destroyers get a destroy shot. For example, I was the UK and I had 8 destroyers and 1 transport bordering France. I bridged 1 infantry from UK to France. Do I get 8 rolls on a 3 or less because it is an amphibious assault?

    If I do, as I have been playing, than this is a pretty good way for the UK and US to assert their power and distract Germany. Russia has to survive for quite a few turns though.

  • I forgot to mention this question. If I had 8 UK destroyers and 4 US destroyers and I bridged 1 UK infantry, do I get a shot for the US forces too?

  • you can only attack with your forces on your turn
    and yes you can hit with your 8 destroyers
    the thing germany usually does is put infantry in eastern france, and leave the other stuff empty, then you can’t really bombard to do damage. usually you would bombard germany since germany can’t afford to give it up.

  • destroyers only have an attack role of 2 during amphibious assaults.

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