Join the TripleA Ladder Competition!

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    The AA50 ladder is now up and running at TripleA War Club.

    The ladder is a rankings system, or an ongoing competition, using the TripleA program.  Ladder games are played on the lobby or via PBEM.

    To join up, get an account with TripleA War Club and register for the ladder.

    Each ladder match is a 2-game series, with each playing both Axis and Allies.

    Like the Revised ladder, which used a set 9 bid, there is a set bid for the Allies in AA50.

    41 low luck=11 bid
    41 dice=8 bid
    42 dice and ll=9 bid

    Since every match is a 2-game series, the Ladder competition will soon provide reliable statistics on bids and game outcomes.

    There are a wide variety of skill sets competing on the ladder…from novice to expert.

    Sign up and check it out!

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