• Russia’s First Turn:

    -Build 8 armies

    -1 fighter (Karelia) attacks Baltic Sea
    -1 sub and 1 transport (Karelia) attack Western Spain Sea
    -3 infantry and armour (Karelia), 2 armour (Russia), 5 infantry (Causcasus) attack Ukraine

    -2 infantry (E.N.O.) to Yakutsk
    -1 armour (S.F.E.) to Yakutsk
    -1 fighter (Russia) to India
    -3 infantry (Yakutsk) to S.F.E.
    -2 infantry (Russia) to E.N.O.
    -2 infantry (Russia) to Karelia
    -Baltic fighter lands on Ukraine, Caucasus or Russia

    -place 3 infantry on Karelia
    -place 5 infantry on Russia

    This leaves S.F.E. with 5 infantry and Yakutsk with 2 infantry and 1 armour. There are also 2 more infantry on the way from E.N.O. India is defended by 2 fighters and 2 infantry.

    UK’s First Turn:

    -Build IC on India and nothing else. (this saves 15 ICs for next turn, allowing you to build 3 armours on India, an aircraft carrier in UK’s own water, and still have plenty of cash for other stuff)

    US’s First Turn:

    -Group the fleet together in the Pacific and start pressuring Japan early. It is up to you whether you want to attack Japan with navy and airforce or build an IC in Sinkiang. Either way, Japan is already in huge trouble.

    So, now Russia has strong defenses in S.F.E. and Yakutsk. UK has a very tough IC in India. And US is also putting heavy pressure on Japan. What should Japan do? Is there any way to counter a cooperative attack from all three allies in the first turn? Please tell me that Japan is not stopped as easily as it appears to be.

  • The Allies are giving Germany a break. Germany will take Karelia (with only 5 or 6 Russian defenders). Russia will take it back in turn 2, but Russia won’t be able to use Karelia’s IC that turn. This gives Germany build up time (1 or 2 turns) on the eastern front. If the US is pressuring Japan and NOT setting up to invade Europe, this gives Germany more forces in Africa and Eastern Europe.
    Japan needs to take China and build up Manchuria. It would be in-advisable to attack Hawaii in turn 1 with these circumstances. The Allies are building up in Asia. Japan needs to address it immediately.
    It may look bad for Japan, but it looks good for Germany. In turn 2, if Germany takes advantage of this situation, at the very least Russia and the UK will have to divert attention to Germany ASAP. Japan will have to do what they can and hold out…

  • I agree. but it only needs 1 simple change. Build all the inf in Karelia first turn.

  • You’re right, Yanny. For some reason I was thinking that Karelia could only produce three units per turn. I forgot that all starting ICs have unlimited production, not just capitals. So all 8 infantry should go on Karelia.

  • i agree with yanny.

  • Quite so Yanny, but I still prefer my hit and fade stratagy for Russia.

  • I do my heavy offense for Russia. Attack Ukraine with all in range, land fighters in Karelia, build 3 tanks 3 infantry in Karelia. Next turn, kick some a$$. Keeps Germany pressured a lot.

  • don’t you think Russia is the most complex country to control.

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