Is there an official FAQ that ruins heavies?

  • I was wondering if there is an official FAQ that makes heavies worthless. I know there is a Larry Harris FAQ, but is there one that is official for tournaments and such?

    If there is, can someone provide a link please.

  • The one on Mr. Harris’s website states that it’s official (which I take to mean just that, though I guess tournament organizers might do their own thing if they want):  It’s a step more up-to-date than the one on the Avalon Hill site and includes the heavy bomber change on page 1.

  • Well seeing as it is (fortunately) not on the Avalon Hill site, it shouldn’t be taken as official FAQ (at least not yet :P). That change would be about as ridiculous as the one that nerfs improved factories.

  • Official Q&A

    It is official, and it will definitely make it onto the AH site at some point in the future.  However, please feel free to play with any house rules that you like.

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