• I used to play revised a lot with my family a few years back, but high school and high school sports kind of took up to much time to ever play but this summer we recently picked it back up.  We purchased Spring 1942 a few days ago and before we open we are debating if we should return it and buy the anniversary edition.  The complexity isn’t an issue we have played much harder games.  What is your guys ideas?

  • Depends if you have the money buy the AA50, but Spring 42 is much cheaper and it is better then the revised, but if you really like tech, a lot either house rule it in or deal with it.

  • im not big on tech, how much of a step up complexity wise is aa50 I prefer the more complexed games a little more

  • @thebigman:

    im not big on tech, how much of a step up complexity wise is aa50 I prefer the more complexed games a little more

    Well AA50 has two version you can play 1941 and 1942, so the thing in AA50 are

    More territories
    More Cities
    Longer Games
    Extra Power to help in Africa and against the motherland
    China resistance
    A lot of tech (Not needed)

  • Alright thanks thats the general info ive been looking for.

  • Rather than trying to find an overpriced copy of Anniversary to play, I would suggest downloading one of the many player-made maps (Imperious Leader has several excellent ones) to print out, printing off a copy of the AA50 rulebook (http://www.wizards.com/\AvalonHill\rules\AxAl-AnEd_Rules.pdf) and subbing in one of your older version of units that you already have from previous versions of the game for Italy (perhaps the old german grey units would be suitable for this purpose.   You could even spray paint them an appropriate color) and using the existing Spring1942 pieces for the rest of the countries.

    Saves a LOT of money (the cost of spring1942 and printing a map) and you end up with the same game (using different parts).

  • Yah im going to do that with the anniversary edition, I will perhaps use AAE’s UK pieces which are darker for italian and then I believe it wouldn’t be a big deal to just use normal US pieces for the chinese/

  • For 30$, you cannot get a better board game imo. Its great. I know a lot of people buy two. And spend money on a larger map/board. I have gotten way more than my moneys worth.

  • Yes.  'Nuff said. 8-)

  • I would suggest playing AA42 and not bother with AA50. The board in AA42, although a little small in some territories, is better quality and thicker than AA50. I had AA50 and had to use plexiglass over the boards due to the AA50 boards were thin and warped easy. AA50 does have nicer control markers and the damage markers are good for using with SBR on the IC to show how much damage was inflicted on the IC. For the money AA42 is a much better buy. If you are one that likes to use the paper IPCs for buying your troops, ships, etc. then you can use the IPCs from an older game or download the IPCs from http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/46220/ipcs-ready-for-printing to use with AA42.

  • I really enjoy AA42.  It really is worth the money.  Sure, the spaces on the board are too small, but there are downloads to take care of that.  Play it a few times and you’ll be as hooked as I am.

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