Why is the nazi logo it's self ever shown.

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    Are people in Germany allowed to look at swastikas on the internet?

    You can do what you want at home

    All people can watch porn on the internet
    All people can do dumb stuff on their webcam
    All people can threat people online

    You can’t kill people at home; neither can you rape someone at home

    You can rape people at home, but could get in trouble, same with killing people. You could just kill someone too, but would get in trouble.

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    I guess that’s why they used the Italian roundel that wasn’t used until Italy joined the allies?

    Possibly.  It may have just been a matter of “Hey, which looks better to you guys?” in the boardroom.

    Just as they used a fictitious roundel for Japan and Russia as well.  The “historical” ones just didn’t look good enough or may cause some kind of issue somewhere.

  • Well if you live in Texas, heh heh. You can pretty much do both as long as it’s on your property.

  • Banning things like this is one way governments try to erase something from history because of its evil connotations. For example, pharoh’s and kings would erase the name of a previous deposed ruler. In ancient Babylon one particular king had his name engraved on every stone that was used to build his palace and the wall around the city to prevent his name from being totally erased. In the USA it is still illeagle to engrave Benedict Arnold’s name into stone or brass. There is a monument to him in New York where he defeated the British at Fort Saratoga (before he became a traitor), but his name is not on it.

    There is nothing new under the sun. Governments who want a bad piece of history to disappear will put a ban on it. In the case of Germany and others, they also build mueseums so people won repeat the atrocities but will forget the symbol of power for that era.

    You might laugh at this concept being that we are discussing it and it is not forgoten, but this is very recent history. In several hundred years it will have vanished completely.

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    I am just so thankful that I live in a country where these kind of freedoms are not taken away.

    OK. So, I’ll bite.  😄
    Do they often display the Nazi flag from Government buildings in your country or just for Hitler’s bday and things like that?

    My comment was not in direct response to your post. It was a general statement and more along the lines of what LHoffman is stating. I should hire him as my lawyer next time I need one.

    I would love to be of service, if I thought myself good enough… Alas, I think there are more apt lawyers in the world than I. Besides, I am enrolled studying Mechanical Engineering, not law or history. Though I study both of those with great zeal in my personal time.

  • Impressive, I’m a history buff myself. That is why it makes me mad that people associate the confederate flag with slavery. It was a movement in the South that wanted the states to have more power than the central government. Yes slavery was part of this, but the thought was if a state voted to remove it then the state would outlaw slavery. The civil war was fought over state’s rights, the South wanted to have total control over their state, not have some guy in Washington telling them what to do. They felt the US was going the way of England, with a parliament (house and senate) and a king (president). I just get mad when white supremacists and Nazi pride members use it for what it is not, hate.

  • If states have MORE power than the central government, what’s the point of it?

  • @maverick_76:

    I just get mad when white supremacists and Nazi pride members use it for what it is not, hate.

    I can appreciate that 100%. And I’m so far from Dixie I can’t even whistle it.


  • @calvinhobbesliker:

    If states have MORE power than the central government, what’s the point of it?

    I think it’s more a question of where the central government’s power can be exercised than just the magnitude of it.

    So it’s a “keep your nose out of my business” thing… like how far the UN can get involved in the domestic affairs of a sovereign nation but on a smaller scale.

    Anyway, this is getting off topic ref swastikas.


  • Well I think we answered the question, it just makes sense to leave it off as not to offend potential customers. Oh and I don’t agree with the states having more power than the central government, except under things that obviously the states can handle themselves. Other than that I think our system, when not abused, is the best way to run a country.

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    Off topic closed.

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