Fighter and dead Carrier

  • Okay say there was a fail naval attack and the defenders held with a fighter (the carrier died,) can it land on land?

  • It can land anywhere 1 space away or in another carrier in the same zone

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    Yes, as long as the space wasn’t contested in the current turn.

  • @Krieghund:

    Yes, as long as the space wasn’t contested in the current turn.

    Does this apply to all versions?

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    No, only Revised standard rules.

  • '12

    The term ‘one space’ in not as unambiguous as I would like.  Does one space imply 1 or 2 extra movements for a fighter?  Does it mean the plane can use all 4 movements to fly into a contested SZ with a carrier also moving in to provide a landing slot.  The carrier is taken as a casuality, obviously the plane can garner 1 extra movement to land on the friendly (island or shore) within that SZ.  It can fly out of that SZ to another SZ and land on a friendly carrier (But not if that SZ was just contested?  And only in the case of Revised AA with the OOB version of the rules waiting to be confirmed?).  Now what about a friendly island or shore in the SZ adjacent to the SZ where combat occured.  That would require 2 movements and this is legal in all versions?  Our group has yet to encounter this situation though it nearly occured a few times.  We have a ‘lawyer’ type who I KNOW will argue whatever side benefits him when this scenario eventually occurs.

  • Official Q&A

    This rule applies to defending carriers and fighters only.  Attacking fighters gain no extra movement.  If an attacking fighter moves four spaces to a battle, it will die after the battle if no carrier survives to retrieve it.

    An island in an adjacent sea zone is a separate space, therefore it is two spaces away and cannot be reached by a stranded fighter.

  • '12

    Ah right of course, I really should not post so close to waking up!  So it was as I suspected, a defending plane may use a SINGLE movement to find a place to land, so no land in an adjcent SZ would be legal.  Thanks.

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