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  • Excellent markers! Has there been any progress regarding the airfields/naval bases? Also, have you guys considered doing AA & IC markers, since this seems to be the trend in the A&A games?

  • No flag tokens yet.  That’s what I’m working on now.  I also didn’t find the Naval Base/ Airfield token that someone had mentioned.

    I got a message last week about what I would like to get done and they said I should hear back from them this coming week sometime.

    Hopefully soon.


  • I haven’t heard anything on this project in a bit. So, I was just curious where do things stand?

  • Customizer

    Hey docfav7,
    Thanks for the link to Litko.  I just ordered some of the Mini Blast Markers for marking battles.  Not the same as your fire/smoke column but I think these will work fine for me.  Usually I have no problem remembering where a battle is, but there are sometimes, like when Japan or Germany is really on the march, they could have a half dozen battles in one turn.  It will be nice to have the markers there when I take all the pieces to the battle board.

  • '10

    Those battle markers look awesome!

    Also, I’ll definitely buy a few sets of flag markers when they are released

  • when can we expect the flag tokens?

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