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  • OK.  IL contacted me a while back about making a custom marker set for Axis and Allies.  He had suggested wood counters with a decal set.  This would work but the decal/stickers would eventually fall off.

    While at Origins, there was a mini trade show and I asked Litko about producing a custom set made in plastic for sale by  The have taken up the mantel and will have some prices for me in the next couple of weeks.

    My question to you guys is:  How much would you be willing to pay for these made by Litko?  Here is the breakdown….

    15 Each of Flag tokens for the following countries:  Germany, Soviet, UK, Japan, Italy, US.  Each country would be color coded and have the country inscribed on the base and a generic engraving of the flag on the plastic flag that sticks up.  (example: Germany= Black base with GERMANY and grey flag with Iron Cross on it).

    5 Each of Flag tokens for China, ANZAC, France.  These would be color coded as well.

    20 Each round tokens with the following on each side: Damaged Factory one side and Paratroopers on the other.

    20 Each square tokens with The following on each side: Damaged Battleship one side and Damaged Carrier for the other.

    This would be a HUGE project so the more people who would like/buy them, the cheaper they would be.

    Please choose from the poll on what you think would be appropriate.


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    I’d be interested in the flag tokens, but not in the other ones.  Perhaps they could be sold as separate product lines.  That could make them more attractive to, for example, customers who want or need lots of flags (and might order multiple copies) but few or none of the auxiliary tokens.

  • That’s a great idea.  I’ll have to keep that in mind.  I’ve been thinking of ways to keep the cost down.  This may be a great solution.


  • This is another very interesting project. I’d be willing to support it. Here’s my two-cents on tokens: I’d like to see a token with an airbase on one side & naval base on the flip side.

  • Maybe we’ll swap the factory damage counters for the Airbase/Naval base token.  Could be done.


  • I think this is a fantastic idea.

    I would definitely include an airbase/naval base instead of factory damage/paratroopers.

    I would also, personally, prefer to not have the country name on the markers, just the flag/roundel.  I think adding lettering muddles things up and does not look quite as clean.

    And yes, separating the flags from the other pieces would for sure be the way to go imo.

  • @docfav7:

    Maybe we’ll swap the factory damage counters for the Airbase/Naval base token.  Could be done.


    I would be interested in the factory damage/paratrooper counters and air/naval base counter as well as the Damaged Battleship one side and Damaged Carrier for the other. These would be nice for AA42 with house rules.

  • I love this idea. I would prefer factory damage instead of air/naval bases. I would aalso like marines.

  • @finnman:

    I love this idea. I would prefer factory damage instead of air/naval bases. I would aalso like marines.

    Count me in for the Marines as well.

  • Has there been any head-way made with this project?

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    Not sure.

    I know it will sell

    If it is quality and makes it easier to pick up than those thin tokens, people will buy

    Key item in the tokens for all the nations that people complain about ( Canada, france, etc)

    Quality will sell

    Also people need more of those factory damage tokens.

  • Litko has told me it will be a couple of weeks after HistoriCON before they will have anything for me.  I’m just as anxious as you guys.

    I’ll be contacting them again this week to make sure they didn’t forget me.  😉


  • I have AA50, and the tokens included in that were great. Wood sounds cool but i would go for the really nice and sturdy cardboard they used in AA50 or plastic. The decals is stupid though the images should be inprinted onto the tokens.

    Since of I have AA50 I would only buy it to get the minor country and paratrooper tokens.

    I really like the idea of adding marines and air/naval base tokens because AAP40 was missing marines and the air/naval peice counters included with that were crap.

  • The way it looks right now, there will be a few “different” sets that people can get…

    1. Country tokens.  Probablly the most expensive set as it requires a lot of pieces.
    2. Naval and Air Base tokens.  Seems to be popular choice as the ones that come with AAP40 suck.
    3. Marines / Paratrooper tokens. 
    4. Battle markers. (my favorite ones)
    5. Factory Damage
    6. Damaged Capital ship (Battleship/Carrier)

    Will keep everyone posted.


  • what will battle markers looks like? I suppose you place them whereever you are conducting combat?

  • LITKO already has airbase  & naval tokens.

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    I prefer a full color plastic decal, so the ink will not rub off.  I suspect this would be a clear plastic decal like a window sticker except it has full color roundels. You also get a number of painted wooden tokens in national colors, which make it much easier to pickup.

    Using these plastic tokens from Litko is not cheap. If you can find a source for .75 blank plastic tokens in many colors, perhaps it can be a substitute.

    The set is a bag of these blank tokens and a decal sheet(s) Its best to just use a plastic bag with a decal on the front and ship in USPS standard box or envelope, which is free

  • @Shakespeare:

    LITKO already has airbase  & naval tokens.

    Where? I can’t seem to find them on their website.

  • Battle Tokens are already on the Litko site.  I use them now.  They are great.  We used some from GF9 but were too small.

    I haven’t seen the Airbase/Navalbase tokens either.


  • Heard back from Litko yesterday.  They are going over what I had discussed with their rep at Origins.  I should have more news before the end of next week he said.

    Stay tuned!


  • Hay guys Fmg is making reel plastic pieces for naval and air bases. so the dice turret shouldn’t make those as plastic counters because lots of people will just wait fmg’s pieces.

  • We probably will wait on those until FMG comes out with their stuff.  I didn’t see that in their posts.  I thought he was just making the units themselves.

    The link to the battle markers is here.

    These work great for marking battles.  They are the same footprint as a flag token so it doesn’t take up much space on the board.  Plus, they are about 2 inches high so they tower over the rest of the pieces.

    I’ll try to take a pic tonight to show what it looks like.


  • Sorry for the delay in pics.  Wonderful weekend of 101.1 fever.    So much fun….

    Anyway.  Here you go.  I just threw some pieces up with the battle markers to show you scale.

  • Those are awesome, there are so many times that people forgot to resolve a combat until like the next turn :lol:, these should help.

  • WOW!!!
    those battle markers are awesome! so great after all these years to see stuff like this to enhanse the AA gaming experience.

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