Rhode IslandAustin, Texas anyone?

  • I JUST got Pacific 1940 yesterday, and although my parents have told me they know plenty of people that play Magic, the problem is just that: they play Magic, a card game, not board games. (And no, I do not live with my parents, I’m just on vacation with them out here. :-D) I’m still introducing my parents to wargaming via Memoir '44 and I haven’t met these Magic fanatics yet.

    So, is there another Axis and Allies nut out there in puny Rhode Island?

    EDIT: I am only up here on RI for vacation, but I really live in Austin, Texas and move back there the August of 11th. Any AA nuts in Austin at least?

  • I go to college in College Station, and I will be returning on August 17th, i also pre-ordered AAE40 and have every map except for BOTB.

  • pmed

  • Hey, my friends and I were waiting for AAE40 to come out to play the global game, we had such dreams back then…

    I’m in Austin now, looking to play

    so let me know

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