• Hi guys! After playing the original Axis and Allies for a while now, I went out and bought Axis and Allies: Europe and we played our first game today. I played as Germany and got wrecked!

    Reading the general comments on this forum, it appears most find Germany as having an advantage to start off with. I suspect I failed in my first turn and would like to go over it with you! I did not use any airplanes to attack planes, and spread my submarines over 3 battles in order to try and eliminate nearly all of Brotish fleet. However, the results were disastrous and most of my navy was destroyed by the first turn!

    In Russia, I took over the 3 purple territories (Baltic states, Eastern Poland and the valueless one, Bessarabia) but that stretched my supply line and after 2-3 turns these states were back in Russian hands. What is the tactic on the Russian front? And how many people do I bring over from Western Europe? I left most men there as I was worried of a seaborn invasion by the UK and USA was happily building up navy with many transports and eventually attacked on the western front, just when there were chances for me to take Leningrad (17 tanks, 1 man for me vs. 21 men for him).

    I am not a strong player and I do feel I had a bad game today, but I am mostly confused on how to deal with my navy? Do I take as many convoys as possible, but then become a sitting duck for Allied navy attacks?

    Africa campaign went well, bought two men over from Southern Italy and took over all of Africa and Middle East, but Russians drove me out towards the end, when my African army was very weak indeed.

    All help appreciated! At this stage, it seems to me impossible to win as Germany! My friend uses the stack system in Belorussia and Baltic states and it does not help that the nearest IC is in Germany, which is like 3-4 moves away from the fighting in these crucial areas.

    Also, do I transport men from Denmark/Germany to Norway for strengthening? As I would like to move all my men to Finland for an attack on Karelia, and hopefully take away some heat from Russia’s Baltic states. I usually bring the transport in an attacking naval war, as “bait”.

  • Hey, on the first turn, take lenningrad. this will delay the landing ofallied planes for a turn. Also hold back your armor until your ready for the big battle. Try to use the planes you can spare from the attacks on the U.K. navy. That way your tanks won’t get caught up in counterattacks. Last, be patient, as it will take Germany6-8 turns to win.

  • Don’t try to take over all three of the purple territories on the first turn!
    Take over East Poland or the Baltics, then let the Russians retreat and then you can attack Bessarabia from Hungary and whatnot.

  • read my post at:
    it start out about how germany wins no matter what with standard rules

  • @tmz70:

    Hey, on the first turn, take lenningrad. this will delay the landing ofallied planes for a turn. Also hold back your armor until your ready for the big battle. Try to use the planes you can spare from the attacks on the U.K. navy. That way your tanks won’t get caught up in counterattacks. Last, be patient, as it will take Germany6-8 turns to win.

    Take Leningrad? I attack from where though?

  • buy a transport in the baltic and then send 2 transports with 2inf and 2art, 2 ftrs from germany and 1 from poland, oh yeah also send the bomber.
    so we have
    -2 inf
    -3 ftrs
    -1 bmbr

    😞 against 😞

    2 or 3 inf (I cant remember)

    Wouallla its yours 😎

    then have your poland stack roll in next to lenningrad and send your finnland guys to vyborg so if they take it back you can take it and hold it next turn. (you may ask yourself, why take it first turn if your just going to lose it ? well you cant produce units out of a factory the turn that you take it so they will hve to send guys out of moscow which gives you a turn to build it up 😉 )

  • Smart idea! I had thought about it but wasn’t sure it would work!

    But also I would be forced to attack the Baltic states in my first turn, so I can join with Leningrad! If so, I would not want to use all my forces as I would want to transport some of them (basically tanks, which can move 2 units per turn) in my non-combat move to Leningrad (is that allowed? Can I cross land that was just recently acquired in the same turn?). Also I attack with all my airforce.

    However, though vyborg is a viable option, shouldn’t my Finnish guys press eastwards (Karelia?)and take over the territory over there, as then they would be in sight of another industrial complex (archangel I think?) and USSR would subsequently have to buy some troops and place them there, and Leningrad would be weakened even more.

    Moreover, what do I do with East Poland and Ukraine? Do I not attack on first turn but wait, or just attack it when and if Russia sends some of these troops over to Leningrad as reinforcements?

    Thank you in advance!

  • A strategy that I tried yesterday was that instead of attacking anywhere i moved all available inf to poland and all available tanks onto germany.
    I then bought 10 tanks onto germany (with the 40 ipc’s + the 12) and at the end of my turn I had 21 tanks on germany and around 15 inf on poland, and 4 artillery.
    On my second turn I bought 3 bombers, and sent the tank horde and inf horde to the baltic states and steam-rolled the russians.
    Then on the next turn I attacked the belorussian stack with every thing and 4 bombers and annihalated their forces, threatening moscow on the soviet players turn he attacked me with everything and lost.
    I had about 14 tanks left with 5 inf to defend moscow.

    They then decided to surrender to the mighty german empire 😎

  • Good idea! I find I never have enough infantry to qualify as ‘losses’ and my tanks get destroyed.

    That will mean attacking Baltic States in Turn 3, Belorussia on Turn 4 and taking Moscow/Stalingrad on Turn 5. Will that be quick enough to avoid a potential D-Day invasion from the combined forces of USA and UK? Also, what do you do with Leningrad, as once you have taken Belorussia, you will obviously attack Stalingrad and Moscow, since they will have much fewer men than Leningrad. Do you leave Leningrad alone and wait for Russian counter-attacks to take back Moscow? And what if they don’t counter-attack, you bring men from Germany to Leningrad? Also Archangel must be taken so the convoy can fall and Russia’s IC have all been taken over. Is that a last objective?

  • The Russian player should not simply stack in belorussia, they need to be more flexible and do a planned retreat and strech out the germans and counter attack weak points. ALso in one game i actually performed a breakout in the South when they unbalanced their forced on a northern drive, it was awesome, i ate up their ipc’s and delayed their full assault. But Russia needs to keep units alive …. esp the tanks and artillary so they can threated the germans during their conquest, remeber in real life the germans got to the doorstep of Moscow, and that might be the best way to string them out. Just a thought.

  • Com. Adam,

    I love the idea. (Not attacking russia first turn, tank horde + inf in poland.).

    it’s crazy. it’s just the strategy change i need to shake up my long time rival for a fun game. I’ll let you know how it goes for me when i get home this weekend.

  • You know what i find to be a unstoppable strategy for the germans…you buy tanks first and second turn, you then take poland and the province under it, then you go straight for belorussia. If you manage to conquer it, the three industrial complexes are threatened!

  • try reatreating all inf and art into germany but attacking with your tanks. so what if the rusians have a stack of 20-30 inf! on 1st turn get art. on 2nd turn get inf. on turn 3 start attacking the russians with about 15 art + 20 inf and buy tanks every turn. 😉

    i did this and i totaly decimated and destroyed the russian stacks of approx 35 inf. moscow was mine by turn 6 or 7. (i can’t quite remember.)

  • This is a cool German strategy, but it depends largely on what the allies do with their 12$ on their first turn. If your playing with friends talk some trash about taking africa or russian early on. This baits the allies to spend $ on INF to defend these areas.

    1. On turn 1, do not spend any money.

    *Attack the british ships as usual with some subs(4-5) and air, but leave the sub and transport in the Danish Sea. retreat at least 3 subs to the danish sea to help defend.

    *Attack the destroyer in the med with 1 sub, battleship, transport(2inf)
    *do not Attack malta

    *Consolidate INF in the East, like you’re preparing an assault on Russia, but don’t move any infantry east from Germany. Re-inforce Germany with INF from italy,france, austria etc…(make sure some tanks are in Germany)

    *This whole strategy is deception based, it helps for the German player to look confused or frustrated with what to do, this lulls your opponent into a false sense of security. By the end of turn 1 you should have your entire remaing Navy in strike distance of Britain, enough troops in the East to make it look like your preparing a ill -prepared attack on Russia, and troops in Geramny to make it look like your re-enforcing. Your air should be in strike distance of Britain.

    Turn 2)

    with 80$

    *buy 7-8 transports and place them in the Danish sea zone.
    *Pull back from the East if necessary but keep Poland.
    *If Britain has not expected a German Attack, they will only be able to purcash 8-9 Inf.

    Turn 3) Go all out at Britain. It is closee but usually Germany wins!
    -southern-B.S, transport,sub
    -eastern subs(5-6)
    -9 tranports loaded with men 2 tanks
    -all air-craft

    If all goes well Britain falls, the U.s is powerless, and Germany holds it for at least 1 turn.

    alternative: Once assembled if you feel Germany is too weak for Britain, you can always take Leningrad with those transports and Focus on the Eastern Campaign.(last resort)

  • This sounds pretty risky, it might be worth a shot though just for fun. It sounds like you didn’t really take into account the fact that the British usually destroy the transport in the Baltic, or Danish Sea, although I’m not sure what sort of effect that has on the plan. With the closeness of the battle with the capabilities of that transport I’m not sure I would risk this without it.

  • or you can wait a third turn, block us with subs, and have med fleet in danish sea, build 15-16 transports, + the one you had, so you have 16-17 transports to attack uk…
    of course this just forces them to build even more infantry, and if they have enough to hold, then you wouldn’t build a fleet anyway, just use itallians to evacuate norway, and build 30 men and 10 artillary or something like that. Uk isn’t going to pressure germany for awhile since it doesn’t have a fleet, and it doesn’t have much production either.

    oh yeah, take all of uk’s convoys if you are going sealion too…somehow, bid a sub and artillary or something

    and don’t forget to evacuate the artillary and infantry from africa!!

    what do you think to that (the master strategy!!)

  • I think it would never work twice.

  • All the allies need is a sub in the german transport assembly 🙂

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