Why russia makes so little ipcs

  • it is true historically that russia had way more production then germany,but in the game all the units are equal have all the same attack and defense values. In the real war russia had a huge army and alot more tanks and planes but they got slaughtered by the germans. they lost men at a ratio of 15 to 1 so in the game russias low production compensates for the russians horrible army

  • the game is certainly not 100% realistic, if it were it more realistic, it would be very complex

  • That’s very good reasoning. In fact, alot of the game is very histroyically accurate, it’s just placed in strange areas. Like the fact that the USSR was getting veterans and money from the Far east is portrayed in the Soviet convoy (hence why it falls if Archangel falls). It’s all a matter of where you look.

  • i’m pretty sure the money russia get’s in the convoy is supposed to be from the usa, The far east money isn’t represented too well. They don’t get it when archangel falls because this is where the allies landed their supplies.
    if the game were 98% realistic, it would have to start earlier. If it were 98% realistic, and it started in 1941 germany would win since they wouldn’t make the same mistakes they did in the real war. I could argue that the allies made most of their terrible mistakes before the war started. Germany made a few key mistakes once the war was underway that cost them the war.
    regardless, it’s a fun game

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