House rules spring 1942

  • naval and air bases, alternate country combinations, and 10 or 12 IPC’s price for IC’s

  • naval & Air bases could be interesting, the cost of the complex is too cheap at 10 IPC’s - america and Japan could exploit this option,  12 is probably to cheap as well,  Alt Country Combinations don’t work with the set up.  you would have to change the initial deployment, values of territs, starting IPC’s… Etc Etc. Etc.  it becomes a different game.

  • i have succesfully  incorperated the use of navel bases into my games i also have incorperated barraks i shall come up with rules for the air basses and se how it works out 😄

  • 😄 these are all great ideas i am using many ofthem does any one have any more…?

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