• I actually prefer the allies because they go after the Germans do. I feel it is actually easier because of this. But I also like the Germans because they have such a material advantage to start the game. But with the proper purchases the allies can really put a kink in the “patented” German tank push to Moscow. To stop this I usually buy lots of planes with the UK and send them to Leningrad to be converted into soviet planes, and there you have it, a nice compliment to the stacks of infantry that Germany has to mow down.

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  • For Europe I prefer the axis.  I have lost twice in this theatre but have won countless times, against different people.  I don’t play online.  Anyways the axis have the advantage over the allies.  My personal starting buys are with the 12 ipcs a transport then save the 4.  Then during the purchase phase 7 tanks and a sub or just 8 tanks.  The axis just need to hit Russia fast and hard before the Western allies can do D-day and gain naval supremacy from the numerous subs on the board which sank most of the navy’s.

    IMHO I feel that unless Russia knows how to properly counter attack, even when they are turtling they will fail Turn 4-5 possibly even 3.

  • @calvinhobbesliker:

    Has any axis player won by capturing the US?

    My brother in law was Germany and he was getting creamed by my other brother in law (US) and I (Russia), but he had a loaded axis transport just sitting in the Atlantic two squares away from the US for quite a few turns.  The US eventually forgot it was sitting there and on one turn left the US exposed.  Germany moved in with the one loaded transport and won the game.

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