• Hey all, haven’t been on in a few years, glad I still have my account. Still undefeated with 30+ games under my belt, but still endeavoring to be better.

    Germany’s easily my weakest power, so I’d like to get some expert opinions on a few things I’ve never been sure about. Assuming you don’t build any ships in G1, or move the Baltic fleet, and assuming the British hit that fleet with both fighters and a bomber, do you submerge the submarines or let them soak hits for the destroyer in hopes of shooting down planes?

    How many soldiers do you think it’s responsible to leave in Western Europe assuming the SZ1 UK transport isn’t sunk? How about if it is sunk? What if you just absolutely don’t want to leave tanks in Western Europe?

    Thanks for the feedback, it’s good to be back.

  • Welcome back.

    When the UK attacks the Baltic first turn, my OOL depends on their combat move and buy. If they take Norway and their build leaves them vulnerable to a G2 naval attack, I submerge the subs. In any other case, I lose subs to try and shoot down planes.

    For G1 defense of WE, I usually commit 4 ground units, 4-5 planes, and the German bomber. With most players, you could probably get away with only 3 ground units. This is when the Labrador transport lives, because it always lives when I’m Germany. If I didn’t, I’d go 2-3 ground units and planes.

    I used to agree, tanks were useless in Western Europe. But now, I try to use a thin inf screen backed up by as many tanks and fighters as necessary. This way, Germany’s infantry is almost all flowing East. You’re familiar with the Lurch? If not, read Darth’s article. When the time comes to advance from Eastern Europe to Karelia, Belorussia, or Ukraine, the tanks drive out of Western Europe to Eastern Europe and the pressure is instantly mounted on West Russia and/or Caucuses. In a word, tanks are better defending Western Europe for their mobility.

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    It is my humble impression that Germany has two mission objectives.

    1)  In the early part of the game, Germany is to put pressure on Russia as hard as possible while inflicting as much damage on the allied navy in the Atlantic as possible.

    2)  In the later stages of the game, Germany is to turtle so that the allies have to extend themselves to put threat on it and thus pull away form Russia so Japan can take it.

    But that’s just my over all opinion.  Each game is different as you know.  Thus, you have to be ready to change on the fly as well.  Perhaps Japan’s getting rocked in a KJF?  Then Germany has to take Russia instead.  Maybe the Russians are just doing really bad and Japan can put pressure on America instead, thus allowing Germany to skip the whole turtling portion of the game and go “balls to the walls” after Russia.

  • Uhm, thanks Jen, but what does that have to do with my questions?

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    A)  As for the submarines, part 1 applies.  Let the submarines die so your surface ship gets more shots at the British air force (which I view as their navy, given that they are an island.)

    B)  Given the location of Western Europe, leaving the fighters there makes the best sense.  They prevent the British from landing (and the Americans in round 2+) while still being used to pound the Russians.  Again, part 1 applies until Japan is in position to take over, then Part 2.  4 Ground units should be fine round 1, but review the board each round and up the defense as needed.

    C) In general, keep parts 1 and 2 in your mind and act accordingly to the position on the board.  If you need to pull of Russia and start turtling in round 5, do it.  If you dont need to until round 7, then dont.  But certain things always apply:

    1)  never let the Allies have Western Europe.
    2)  Never let the Allies get Southern Europe
    3)  Is self explanatory, derive from 1 and 2.
    4)  Geramny’s goal is to inflict damage, Japan’s goal is to take Russia.  Not a hard and fast rule, but a good guideline.
    5)  If you go navy with Germany, you will have to keep building up to keep it.  Personally, I dont recommend it unless you are strong with Japan.
    6)  Tanks are good defenders.  I like stacks of 5 or 6 infantry and a tank in forward areas against the Russians.  It’s big enough that Russia has to invest heavily in winning, but small enough that Germany can recover the losses. (It’s economics, like the cold war.  Spend them into submission!)

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