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Water placement around UK

  • Hey all!  This is my first post, and not surprising, it is a noob question.  I played the classic Axis for many years, but recently discovered Revised, and I am liking it.  My question is about all the sea zones around UK.  I am used to there being one huge water zone there.  Is UK allowed to place in any of those zones, or is it confined to a certain one, such as sea zone 2.  I could have sworn I read somewhere its factory was denoted to placing in 2, but I can’t find that rule anywhere now.  So maybe I am crazy?  Any feedback is appreciated.

  • From noob to noob: You can build new units in any Sea Zone adjacent to an Industrial Complex. Even if that Sz is occupied by enemy units.

  • Official Answers

    Welcome, Titanius and Chrisp!

    Yep, it’s true, new units can be placed in any of the sea zones surrounding United Kingdom.

  • Sweet!  Thanks guys so much.

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