• Hi guys,  I’ve a set of question to solve! Can you help me?

    1)If my units land in an enemy territory this is considered an anphibious assault and a combat movement, while if they’ll land in a friendly territory this is considered a non-combat movement that i can do in the noncombat phase?

    2)Only the boarding of units (whitout attacking) in the transport is a combat or noncombat movement?I can do it in the combat or noncombat phase?

    3)I’ve to annouce all my anphibious assaults before to move all ships in front of the coast or after?

    1. In case of general combat involving air units, they can retreat using general combat rules (every plane can retreat in a different place), different by the roles in case of anphibious assault (all unit must retreat in the same place)?

    5)If my ally occupies a territory, when I’ve my capitol in enemies hands, he takes the AAgun, the Industry and collects IPC. In the future, if my capitol is free i’ll take the industry and IPC but the AAgun remains to my ally and i can’t use it for the rest of the game?

    6)Can, One if this AAgun of my ally defend my territory in case of strategic bombing attack?

    7)If an aircraft carrier is defending and after destroying, all the aircraft ,that take-off at the start of turn, can landing in another friend place (aircraft or territory)?

    Thanks to all!

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    Welcome, Kokushin!

    1)  Correct.

    2)  If you’re not attacking, you do it in noncombat movement.

    3)  You announce amphibious assaults when you move the ships.

    4)  Air units can retreat to different places in either case, but they must all retreat at the same time.

    5)  Correct (unless, of course, he loses it to the enemy and then you recapture it).

    6)  Yes.

    7)  Surviving defending fighters whose carrier is destroyed can move one space to find a landing place (friendly territory or carrier) at the beginning of the Noncombat Move phase.

  • Thanks dear Krieghund! 8-)

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