A&A Vets: RE: New Vs. Old A &A games…

  • Hi y’all. So about A & A Pacific/Europe–which is better? Is it hard to get used to 1 player vs. everyone else (a particular worry of mine)? It’s looking like we might be losing a player for a while & I’m wondering if there may be a good 3-4 player alternative to the “world” game…besides Diplomacy of course which my buddies seem to lack the b**ls for of late… 😉


  • i personally like europe more, and i like both europe and pacific more than the original.

  • I personlly like Pacific. Got to love those naval battles:lol: (AAP is mostly naval battles and AAE is mostly ground battles. If that helped)

  • Love the original. AAP and AAE tend to fall into paterns, and last max 6 turns. Past turn two there are no real paterns for AA, and games can last much, much longer.

  • I say get Europe, they’re both awesome but i personally prefer Europe, and Europe’s cheaper than Pacific here in Canada.

  • Cool. Are either of them good w/ 3 players, 'cuz that may be what we’re stuck with for a few months (new babies & such)?

    I’m really into naval battles, but I’ve heard elsewhere that Europe is the better game…

    Hey Drumstix, do you play the drums?


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    While I agree that both tend to get predictable, I think Pacific is the better choice of the two. Europe gets predictable after two or three games while I think it takes a bit longer to figure Pacific out. Unless you read all the posts here 😉

  • i like europe simply bc im a german guy and pacific doesnt have em^_^ but its to short playtime being over w/in like 4-5 turns. takes longer to set up the dern board

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