• I’m a longtime, but infrequent, player and reader. I haven’t posted before as pretty much all of my questions were already answered, and I haven’t felt that I could contribute all that much. Yes, I’m a bit lazy, so why bother registering and posting when simply reading covered my needs until now? Perhaps I’m a bit selfish as well?

    At any rate I recently came across a situation that I wasn’t sure how to deal with; I apologize if it was already addressed and I missed it  I was playing the Allies (as usual) against my buddy Bob. He decided not to attack for a few turns, instead trying to eliminate the Chinese while positioning his forces for a future decisive blow (and giving me a far better chance in the game). I wanted to land my Chinese fighter in Burma early on, but wasn’t sure if this was allowed. The rulebook states that Chinese units cannot occupy any non-Chinese territory, except that they may attack (my emphasis) Kwangtung and Burma if controlled by Japan. Can Chinese units move into these territories during non-combat movement when they are controlled by the UK? If so, can this be done before the UK is at war with Japan, and does this result in Japan declaring war on the UK? (We decided that the Chinese fighter could land in Burma without provoking war as the Fighting Tigers were US volunteers. I suspect that this was wrong, but it worked in my favor so why argue?)

    Thanks in advance for the response(s) that I’m sure will follow. As I’ve now asked a question I feel that I should also try to contribute if I can. I have some PDF files that I think may be useful to others (setup charts and board labels) that are too large to upload here. Not huge, but still too big. Laziness prevents me from uploading elsewhere and posting links here. Suggestions?

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    Welcome to the ranks of posters, colonel.

    Yes, Chinese units may move into (occupy) Kwangtung and Burma at any time, with no political consequences.

    BoardGameGeek is a good place to upload files for sharing.

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