• This game has some how slipped under my radar, I just noticed it this week.  Also I’ve just ordered my starter set and a few of the newer boosters to get me started.  Looking at the ships, I am sad I missed the earliest 2 sets, as it seems my fleets are going to have to do without the Akagi and Yamato, two of the ships I was really hoping I’d be able to pick up.  Does anyone know of a reliable place to buy the older boosters on-line, or where I could pick up the Akagi, or some of the first set Japanese Battleships and planes at least?

    I have a sinking feeling I’ll be putting the Nihon Kaigun to sea with mostly escorts to start…  I’d like to get the IJN ‘midway carries’ at least.

    I’m looking forward to getting some good friends into this game, as we’ve been looking for a WW2 naval game on and off for a while now.  That being said, after we start, I expect a small arms race for fleet carries and planes.  Should be interesting.

  • There’s quite a few reputable online retailers which may still have some of the first two sets in stock but you need to act soon since they’re no longer in print. Here’s some good vendors:


    There’s also the online trading forums - this one has lots of activity:


  • Thank you.

  • Hi! I just started too, and yeah the boosters for the original set are getting kind of scarce huh? Also thought I’d mention that Yamato’s sistership Musashi is in the Taskforce boosters which seem easier to get.

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