• I see that the ability to choose different map skins is a built-in feature of the TripleA client, the most current to date.  Where do I go to download more map skins for all of the more popular A&A games (like WWII Revised)?  I have downloaded many of the WWII games like Revised and Classic, and none of them seem to have more than one skin for the built-in TripleA client.  I have heard that there were multiple skins for previous versions of the TripleA client, but have heard nothing about the most recent ones.

    Also, is it easy to modify the image files of the maps of these games and have it useable within the client?

    I apologize in advance for being unfamiliar with the TripleA client.  I have very little experience even with the newest version and have no familiarity with its history and prior versions.

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    there are two skins we are talking about,

    map skins

    and triplea client skins

    there are like 20 tripleA skins

    but only 3 maps skins (all for NWO) at this point

    you are free to make more skins for map if you wish…. they are incredibly easy to do

  • Sorry for the confusion.  To clarify, I am not referring to the skins of the TripleA client itself.  I have seen the 20+ skins of the client already, like the Raven Graphite skin or the Default skin.

    I am only concerned with the maps of the A&A games that people play through the TripleA client.  I am not sure where I downloaded the particular versions of the games I downloaded, but I know it was from one of the URLs in the first sticky here in the software forum.

  • @Veqryn:

    you are free to make more skins for map if you wish…. they are incredibly easy to do

    Would this be done by editing a ‘base tile’ png file?

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    a map skin is a replacement of everything but the game folder

    so for example, you have a zip for a map, it contains a bunch of text files, a folder called basetiles, a folder called relieftiles, a folder called units, and a folder called games

    what you do, is remove the games folder (delete it)

    then you change anything you want (for example, you could replace all the unit art with picture of kittens… but you have to keep the name of the file the same.  so infantry.png stays infantry.png, but the image changes…  you could also change the basetiles, the relief tiles, you could even change the place.txt, centers.txt, and polygons.txt thereby completely altering the map)

    then you change the name of the main zip/folder to xxxxxx-something
    xxxx is the name of the normal zip/folder, and by having the “-something” at the end of it, you are telling TripleA that it is a skin

  • This has gotten a little complicated, but I will try my best to explain all of the details accurately and briefly.

    Let me begin by saying that I have been using and attempting to modify different maps from different games, and I have been doing so on two different operating systems: Windows and Mac OS X.  I have been using the most current TripleA client on both systems, version  Also, it is worth noting that I only began using TripleA two days ago, so I am clearly a novice at toying with this client.

    I did succeed last night in modifying the map of the ‘World War 2 Revised’ map using Mac OS X, and so I am vaguely familiar with the ‘basetiles’ folder of that particular map.  However, I could not figure out a few things in my experimentation.  For one, I could not seem to find any of the map files (such as ‘basetiles’, ‘relieftiles’, ‘games’, etc.) that are a part of the default games (which I believe there are four of, including Big World 1942) that come with the TripleA client.  This was specifically the case while using Mac OS X.  Oddly enough, while using the Windows OS, I could not seem to find any of the map files that are a part of the additional games that are downloaded—that is to say I could only find map files for the default games.  So, as far as I can tell, this issue of using different operating systems may add to the complexity of simply finding the right map files to modify.

    Another issue that I have had includes being able to find ALL of the files you have mentioned for a specific game.  I sometimes find certain ‘tiles’ folders for the different World War 2 games, and other times I do not—I may only find a ‘basetiles’ folder but no ‘relieftiles’ folder.  This has added to my confusion because it seems indicate that one game may not function anything like another game in terms of the way maps are created.

    Additionally, in attempting to use some of the direction you offered in your post, I tried experimenting with deleting the ‘games’ folder of a specific game in which I had modified some of its corresponding ‘basereflief’ tiles, (specifically I tried to delete the ‘Big World 1942 games folder’).  However, deleting it disables me from actually running the game, so I do not understand how deleting that folder helps in any way for modifying and using modified maps.

    Any information regarding these software topics is very appreciated.  I apologize if my inquiries seem simple or mundane to the more experienced users, but I am generally ignorant about these topics.

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    you delete it when you are making a map skin…. meaning you delete it only for the map skin… in other words, this is AFTER you have copied the ENTIRE folder

    i think, since you are new to triplea, before you make a map skin, you should probably make a map

    just draw some map with like 5-10 territories… keep it really simple
    then run the map creator program (located in the forum and also in the downloads list)
    after you have experimented with this, you will understand the process much more

  • @swordfish:

    For one, I could not seem to find any of the map files (such as ‘basetiles’, ‘relieftiles’, ‘games’, etc.) that are a part of the default games (which I believe there are four of, including Big World 1942) that come with the TripleA client.

    When downloading maps, they are saved in the same location as the savegames (the user folder) rather than in the application directory.  For instance, on my Win system, they are in C:\Users\username\triplea\maps.

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