• Hey guys, since there are mainly axis strategy discussions in here ( or maybe i didnt notice the allies ) i was hoping some of u veterans could share your wisdom with us… Right now im going with an aggresive russian against germany, uk going for norway and moving in from there, if germany is weak, maybe land in western europe, while keeping the japs away from the far east. and last but not least i use USA to take over USA, så that UK can move his troops to the east, in the end, USA starts moving in on western europe. In some games i try to disable japan by taking over some of those tasty islands, but its often not worth it. so, what are u strategies? ( im not interrested in advanced strategy telling u every single unit u should buy, since the games can be so different every single time )

  • I always try to take norway to start letting US and UK start bringing in infantry. US and UK probably wont be able to mass enough forces quick enough to attack germany but the combined 3 allies infantry focused west of germany the germans wont be able to push through and take russia. This allows russia to put more preasure on japan in land. That with UK comeing in from the south and US trying to hold its ground in china and its navy hitting japns navy, you should be able to push japan back into the sea.

    Everything is subjec tot change though based on how the games going, and luck is always an unpredictable factor.

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    Here’s an earlier discussion on Allied strategy that you may find useful: http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=15289.0.

  • Thats what is was looking for, TY !

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