Advanced Europe 1941 game

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    Hi all, I finally managed to take some pics of the variant I’m making - now you can see the size of the map by clicking on the link below (pic was too large to fit on here). Hope you like it. Took me ages to get the set up to the play test stage and I have used the pc game ‘Hearts Of Iron II’ for my reference to starting forces. The pic taken is before the game begins - Spring 1941. Turn order - Germany, Soviet Union, Italy, United Kingdom, United States. I’ve come up with a few house rules of my own and I’m using D12 dice for the combat system.

    The black units are Germany and the blue-ish coloured ones are the Axis Minors (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland & Vichy France). Axis Minors are controlled by the German player on their turn. Each power in the game has certain levels of unit technology and this can be increased incrementally. The Italians have underpowered Tanks, and the Soviets have lower level Infantry to start with, for example. As you can see from the picture below, the Soviets do have some naval forces!

    I would be very grateful to hear any feedback on my project as well as any suggestions/recommendations to do with unit placement. I do not yet know if the thing is balanced! I will play test a few games and post my findings here. Many thanks!  🙂

    Here’s the url to mediafire:

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    To do that you have to post a pink to the map where people can DL the thing in PDF and have a chance to try it.

    You should post the setup so people can use it as a starting guide before they tweek it.

  • Wow! that is a really nice map, i can defintly see the the HOI influence. You better include rules for increasing units movement in the non-combat phase cause that map look like a b%^h to cross.

    With all those awesome terrritories I would suggest moving the setup date back so that full advtage of the additional territories can be taken. Either make it early 1940 before the german invasion of Norway or mid 1940  after France has been conquered and right before the battle of Britian.

    If you dont want to recolor board, your spring 1941 is a great starting date looks cool to.

    What are the new rules ?

  • Lot’s of Russian places how much IPC’s is that worth?

  • TripleA '12

    Hi guys, very many thanks for all your cool feedback and compliments. Okay, now to answer some questions:

    Here is a link to another thread with a pic of the map for download: The file is too large to post here.

    I will post the unit setups very soon. They are by no means set in stone - I will probably need your help to get the balance just right!  🙂

    I have made the game start in June 1941, at the launch of Op. Barbarossa, but I am obviously happy for players to create their own scenarios and victory conditions as they wish.

    The turn order, as well as the starting IPC levels for the nations are:

    Germany = 60
    Soviet Union = 48
    Italy = 20
    United Kingdom = 50
    United States = 80

    I am trying to come up with some house rules of my own with regards to the Air and Naval bases, Axis Minor forces, rail movement and Militia units. I use a D12 combat system whereby a unit’s normal attack and defend values are just doubled, e.g. a Tank (Att 3, Def 3) is now Att 6, Def 6. This leaves a margin for modification to those values, chiefly by the implementation of field testing technology. There will be two types of tech - Practical (slow and cheap, which eventually upgrades your units to better models) and Theoretical (major breakthroughs in innovation; quick and effective immediately, but expensive).

    Each power will have different levels of unit tech that they start the game with. The first or lowest level is ‘Basic’, then it can be upgraded to ‘Improved’ level, then ‘Advanced’ and so on - each time your unit reaches the next level it will be more efficient in combat, but will also be more expensive to produce. For example, Germany and UK begin the game with Improved Infantry (Att 3, Def 5) while the other nations, including the Axis Minors, all begin with just the Basic (Att 2, Def 4). However, the Soviets start with Improved Tanks (7,7). This makes for some interesting battles!

    Okay, that’ll do it for the moment! I’ll be back shortly! Thanks for reading.  🙂

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    The file is too large to post here.

    Post a link to the file using upload and post here. This is how its done for files.

  • Is that TWO battleships for Russia I see?

  • Very nice job on the map. Also nice to see actual British fleets in Alexandria and Gibraltar, like there was.

  • @Lozmoid:

    Here is a link to another thread with a pic of the map for download: The file is too large to post here.

    Okay so the map hasn’t changed?

  • TripleA '12

    Thank you guys for the comments and compliments!

    I will post a link to the mediafire map as soon as I can. It’s strange because let me post the pic here as an attachment in the A&A Europe '40 sub-forum (‘Turn Order’ thread) but it won’t let me post it here, saying it’s too large. Well, I haven’t changed the size of the map… I’ll see what I can do.

    By the way, for those who wish to print out the map, please bear in mind that it does come out a little pixelated due to the zoom magnification; I only designed it on ms paint. I will post two pics of the map: the 1st will have all the territory names and sea zones on it (for your reference), and the 2nd will be blank. When I printed off the map, I left out all the names and numbers as they were too big and looked rather ugly. Better to write them on by hand afterwards, and that’s what I did.

    Yes, the Russians get two Battleships! I haven’t yet determined the strength of these vessels (their att/def values). Again, I’m basing my unit set up on the data found within the Hearts Of Iron II pc game, as Paradox do tend to be quite historically accurate. I appreciate that this will unbalance the game, and that is where I ask your help. Believe me, I was shocked when I saw how many Cruisers the UK had!

    Okay, back shortly.

  • TripleA '12

    Okay, sorry about the wait. Here are the links to the two versions of the map - one with all the lettering and numbering, and one without:

    I’m new to using mediafire so I hope that this works and that the files can be downloaded. Please let me know if there are any problems.

    I would recommend that you print the blank version and then write the words and numbers on yourself because it’ll look better. I’ll be posting the setups shortly…

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    Can we get this in NOT a JPEG?  Jpeg ruins all artwork by pixelating it. Can you PDF>?

  • TripleA '12

    What, exactly, are my options? I’m no techie or anything and so I don’t know how to PDF>. Can anybody please explain/help ?

    Obviously, I want to improve the quality of the images.

  • TripleA '12

    Anyway, I’m going to post the initial set up charts now, starting with Italy:


  • TripleA '12

    And now the Axis Minor nations. I use the blue-ish coloured German pieces from A&A Revised for these guys. There is a Finish Cruiser in SZ 8; use a Battleship piece for this.

    Axis Minors.JPG

  • TripleA '12

    Okay, now Germany:


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    Obviously, I want to improve the quality of the images.

    under the program your using hit ‘save as’ and click one of the options which can be PDF or PNG which will do the job

    Or look under options under ‘export’

  • TripleA '12

    United Kingdom set up:

    United Kingdom.JPG

  • TripleA '12

    United States:

    United States.JPG

  • TripleA '12

    And finally, Soviet Union:

    Soviet Union.JPG

  • TripleA '12

    This is where I’m up to so far with the rules regarding the Axis Minor nations:


    The Axis Minors represent the nations that were either allied to or directly supported Germany and Italy during the war. These nations are:

    Nation   Game Territories

    HUNGARY           Hungary
    SLOVAKIA        Slovakia
    FINLAND         Northern Finland, Central Finland, Southern Finland
    ROMANIA       Transylvania, Bessarabia, Ploesti
    BULGARIA         Varna, Sofia
    VICHY FRANCE Vichy, Toulouse, South Morocco, North Morocco, Oran, Maghreb, Tunis, Gabes

    Axis Minor (AM) units cannot be upgraded by technology and cannot share technology with Germany or Italy. All AM unit models have varying levels of tech but they will stay that way for the duration of the game.

    If the German player builds an Industrial Complex in any of the territories above, that IC will be considered to belong to the AM nations in whose territory it now sits (i.e. if Germany builds an IC in the territory of Ploesti, then the IC will belong to the AM). Any units produced at an IC in an AM territory will be AM units (use the grey German pieces; not the black ones) and will all be of the ‘Basic’ level technology. These units are placed in exactly the same way as normal.

    Germany controls all AM forces during her turn in exactly the same way as her own German forces.  She may move them during the Combat and Non Combat Move phases, just like her own units. Germany may attack an enemy territory or sea zone with a mixture of German and AM units.

    AM forces operate in exactly the same way as German units however, there is one exception: AM Infantry cannot be paired one for one with German Artillery. AM Artillery cannot be paired with German Infantry.

    I am undecided what to do about the Vichy French fleets that were based in the Med at the time. So far I have not included them but I’m not too sure about what actually happened historically. Did these fleets actively seek out Allied navies and do battle with them? I would certainly appreciate any feedback with this, thank you guys.

  • TripleA '12

    Here are my rules for Convoy Zones. They’re pretty much the same as A&A Europe.


    The Axis must capture the Allied Convoy Zones:

    If an Axis Warship (not a Transport) moves into a Convoy Zone (CZ) and there are no Allied Warships present in it, then the Axis capture the CZ immediately and deny its IPC value to the Allied power that owns it. Place a ‘X’ marker on the CZ and adjust the IPC chart to show the loss to the power who owns the CZ (either Unit States, United Kingdom or Soviet Union). The Axis now control the CZ. If there is an Allied Warship present then the CZ cannot be captured by the Axis until the Allied Warship has been destroyed in the Combat phase. If the Allied Warship was a Submarine which submerged during combat, then the Axis cannot capture the CZ.

    An Axis Warship may move into the CZ, capture it, and then move out of the CZ (providing no Allied Warship was present), all in the Combat Move phase. Even though the Axis Warship is no longer present in the CZ, it is assumed to have done its duty and moved on. It can, however, choose to remain in the CZ if it wishes (even if it had movement remaining). Again, place a ‘X’ marker on the CZ and adjust the IPC chart to show the loss to the Allied power who owns the CZ. The Axis now control the CZ.

    The Allies must protect the Allied Convoy Zones from Axis capture:

    A Convoy Zone must be cleared of all Axis Warships in order to be operational again. If an Allied Warship moves into an Axis captured CZ, and there is no Axis Warship present, it liberates the CZ. Remove the ‘X’ marker from the CZ and adjust the IPC chart to reflect the gain to the power who owns the CZ (that CZ is now operational again).

    If an Allied Warship moves into an Axis captured CZ, and there is an Axis Warship present, then combat will ensue as usual. If there is an Axis Submarine present in the CZ then it may choose to submerge during the Combat phase as per usual, thus ending the battle, unless there is an Allied Destroyer present. If an Axis Submarine submerges during combat, then it is still in the CZ which therefore cannot be liberated until the Submarine either leaves the CZ or is destroyed.

    That’s all for now.

  • TripleA '12


    I’m thinking of adding another level of depth to my game with regard to the seasons of the year. One round of play will last for three months. The game begins June 22nd 1941, so we’ll call the first round of play SPRING 41. The second round will be SUMMER 41, the third round AUTUMN/FALL 41, etc.

    Having play tested the game a little, the Germans are usually at the gates of Moscow by WINTER 41 which is cool.  🙂 However, what I need are some ideas for varying effects on play that the seasons will cause. All I have come up with so far is:

    Winter - Soviet Union Infantry get -1 on all dice rolls for attack and defence in red (original) territories.

    Summer - All Infantry (except Italy) get +1 on all dice rolls for attack and defence in all the territories of North Africa, ranging from South Morocco to Suez Delta.

    No penalty for Spring. Maybe something that will affect Tanks? Perhaps Air units may suffer some penalty in Winter due to poor visibility… I’m giving this some thought. I would appreciate any ideas guys, thank you.

  • TripleA '12


    Minor Air Base COST: 5 SIZE: 3 UPGRADE COST: 5

    Major Air Base  COST: 10 SIZE: 6

    Air Bases have two sizes (3 and 6) which represent how many air units can be stationed there. Minor ABs can hold up to 3 air units, and Major ABs can hold up to 6 air units (any mixture of Fighters or Bombers). If an AB is damaged then it can it can hold one less air unit for every Damage counter on it.

    Fighters stationed in a territory with an Air Base (AB) may defend in any normal battle or Strategic Bombing Raid (SBR) against all installation types in that territory, as well as in any adjacent territory (one space away). Fighters stationed in a territory without an AB may only defend in any normal battle or SBR (against Naval Bases and Industrial Complexes) in that territory and they may not defend at all in adjacent territories. Bombers stationed in a territory with or without an Air Base may not defend in either that or any adjacent territory, in any way.

    Air Bases can be attacked, damaged and even destroyed by enemy Bombers conducting a SBR. Any enemy Bombers that survive defending Anti Aircraft Gun and Fighter fire will then roll for damage. Place Damage counters equal to the total rolled onto the AB. The size of the AB determines how many Damage counters it can receive. If an AB ever receives more Damage Tokens than its size, it is destroyed. For example, a Minor AB has a size of 3 and therefore can receive up to 3 Damage Tokens. If it ever receives 4 or more, it is destroyed. If this happens, remove all the Damage counters from the AB and replace them with a Destroyed counter.

    Damaged Air Bases can be repaired during the Purchase New Units phase for the cost of 1 IPC per Damage counter. Pay the desired amount to the bank and remove that number of Damage counters from the AB. Destroyed ABs cannot be repaired; they must be rebuilt and the cost for this is either 5 IPCs for a Minor or 10 IPCs for a Major AB. Remove the Destroyed Token from the map; the AB is now fully functional and undamaged.

    Any Bombers stationed in an AB which is under attack by enemy Bombers conducting a SBR against it can be chosen as targets by the enemy when rolling for damage (each Bomber stationed at the AB is counted as 1 damage). For example, an undamaged Major AB, which has 1 Bomber stationed there, is under SBR attack by 2 Bombers. The attacking Bombers survive the defending Anti Aircraft Gun fire and proceed to roll a combined total of 5 points of damage. The attacking player can distribute that 5 damage as they see fit. In this case, they select the Bomber stationed at the AB as 1 point of damage and use the other 4 points to damage the AB itself.

    Fighters and Bombers must be assigned to an Air Base in order to conduct attacks during the Combat Move phase. If an air unit is in a territory without an Air Base, then it cannot move during the Combat Move phase. It can still move during the Non Combat Move phase. However, having an air unit stationed in a territory without an Air Base prevents that unit from being hit during enemy SBR and so it may be safer to do this if required.

  • TripleA '12


    Minor IC COST: 8 UPGRADE COST: 7

    Can produce: Militia, Infantry, Artillery, Anti Aircraft Guns, Fighters, Transports, Submarines, and Destroyers

    Major IC  COST: 15

    Can produce: ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: Tanks, Bombers, Cruisers, Aircraft Carriers and Battleships

    An Industrial Complex (IC) can be built on any territory that your Power has controlled since the start of your turn. Minor ICs may only be built on a territory with a value of 1 IPC or more. Major ICs must be built on a territory with a value of 3 IPC or more. There is a limit of one IC per territory. The cost to upgrade a Minor IC into a Major IC is 7 IPCs.

    Newly purchased land and air units must be placed into the territory with the IC. Sea units can only be placed into a sea zone adjacent to the territory with the IC, so long as there is a Naval Base on the territory coastline that touches the sea zone.

    For example, the IC in the territory of North Italy is adjacent to two sea zones; SZ 27 and SZ 28. However, as the Naval Base in North Italy is sitting on the coastline that touches SZ 27, newly purchased naval units can only be placed into SZ 27. If the player controlling Italy bought another Naval Base and placed it on the coastline touching SZ 28, then he/she would be able to place new naval units into SZ 28 as well.

    IC placement.jpg

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