• I have a strategy that seems to work – is there any Germen defense to this?

    1. Russia attacks German sub and transport in R1 with fighter.
    2. Russia takes over Finland.
    3. Russia moves transport and Sub to E Canada in R1
    4. Germany goes – does whatever.
    5. UK buys carrier and fighter
    6. UK moves all remaining naval forces (after Germany destroys some or all) to UK sea zone
    7. UK Places carrier and fighter.
    8. US buys carrier and fighter
    9. US moves fighters in W US and E US to UK carrier.
    10. US moves all naval units to UK sea zone.
    11. US places carrier in E US Sea Zone
    12. Russia moves transport and sub to UK sea zone

    With this naval force in the UK sea zone, I don’t think that Germany could possibly destroy it in round 2. Even if they do, the US is back with a carrier with and 2 UK planes on it before R3 even starts. There is now a permanent naval force in the UK sea zone. This being the case, the Allies have won the game bc there is no stopping troop transports from either the US or the UK.

  • i might add that the allies almost always control the uk seazone for the entire game. This is standard, and doesn’t mean they automatically win. First of all, germany can put alot of infantry in western europe. Suppose it’s turn 3, and uk has 4 transports, and usa has five, and they can all hit western europe. Germany can easily have 12 infantry (or 8 infantry and 8 tanks) plus 2-4 fighters and the aa gun. If they try to invade, they will either lose, or barely take it at high losses. If the uk buys a ton of transports, it has better chances, but it will severly delay movement of troops to karelia.

    what i like to do, is put 7-8 infantry in western, and my tanks, and retreat from eastern. This way, you are using your tanks for defence which is very important, since you have a whole stack of them. Then you can hit eastern, and retreat from western, and then hit western and retreat from eastern. All the while, japan is getting big since all 3 allies are attacking germany.
    The game usually amounts to, allies kill germany before japan kills russia. So as germany you usually turtle. Japan get’s big, and rolls for tech.

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