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    Hey All;

    Old time A&A player looking to find dedicated, experienced players.  Own all copies of every addition/iteration of A&A.  Also own several knock offs and even developed own games.  I practice law in the city so weekends are my free time.  Live in Glenn Park.  If anyone interested in firing up a game, I would be interested.


  • Well, I’d be #2… assuming the original poster is still around.

  • I live in the Marina area and would like a play A&A in the city.  I can host or can travel.  Cheers.  David

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    Hey David, been a long time since I checked this, but glad to see I am not alone here in the City.

    Anyhow, given the holiday and work, I don’t think I will be open until after New Years.  But let me know what you are thinking re: which game you want to play. I’ve been happily mired in Global since it came out and through all its iterations, but I’d be up for anniversary or pacific, Europe, old/new if global is too much of commitment.

    drake014 you still around?



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