• It’s so unrealistic that etc. Infantry division destroyed in battle. All units must be two-hit units like BBs. Also two dice rolls per unit is nice. More possiblitys to game. Damaged units lost their second roll and can be repaired/reinforced etc. paying half of their cost.
    BB is three-hit unit. Use something counters to represent damages.

  • This just makes the battles longer and it dosnt add any strategy. How is this realistic?

  • Giving every unit two hit devalues unit like the BB and AC, so no, its not cool. and an infantry div will lose to a tank div.

  • Despite what the others said, it does make sense. Most battles an Infantry division does not die completely from one battle Also if there was an axis and allies battle with 2 infantry 1 tank vs whatever well say the other land two hits anyone smart would kill the infantry and thats pathetic. Like in a real war that would not happen!

  • I think what you are meaning is realistic battle results.  And you’re correct, in that an entire division of infantry or a wing of aircraft don’t just disappear. Just off the top of my head without playtesting, I think a couple ways of approaching this are:  1) Paint a different colour on the base of some infantry units, and these become cadres (the surviving members of a unit depleted below combat effectiveness).  They have an attack of 0 and a defense of 1.  Replace a cadre for every unit hit, but place the cadre in an adjacent friendly tt. During the next build phase, replace the cadre with a full unit at cost minus 1 or combine 2 cadres to form one full unit.  or 2) Allow units to retreat one tt when hit with the maximum number.  With any result that is less, the unit is destroyed as usual.  An example:  A tank rolls a 3 and an infantry takes the hit.  Retreat the infantry.  At the same time an artillery hits on 1 (less than the maximum two) and the next infantry is destroyed.  However, if there was only one defending infantry in the first place and he gets hit twice and he’s dead…dead…d-e-a-d!  Both ideas may need some tweaking but would represent a possible solution without encumbering the play too much, I think.  However, at this point these ideas are just untested theories.

  • Another consequence of this rule would be to reduce the erratic dice results that can happen in smaller battles.

  • You could achieve the same effect by simply doubling (or tripling) the starting forces, and by making units cost 1/2 (or 1/3) of their normal IPC cost.

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