• This is a question regarding Japan and the Soviet Union. My friend was playing Russia and he took Manchuria in his first turn with the units from Soviet Far East, Yakutsk and the Russian Fighter. He landed the fighter on China to help out the US. I would say that this was a very bad first move against Japan (but luckily for him he did extremely well against Germany).

    I responded to his move by ignoring the US fleet and easily taking Manchuria back in an amphibious assault (using two battleships to support, two infantry from Japan, and various planes). I also took Soviet Far East by transporting two infantry there from the Phillipines.

    What I want to know is what should Russia do for its opening move in the east? My feeling is that the Russian defenses will get killed quickly without some form of support from the Russian fighter. It might also be good to move the E.N.O. infantry east to fight Japan, rather than using them to defend against Germany. Also, it slows Japan down considerably if the three infantry on Manchuria are killed.

    So, how does Russia kill the Manchurians, protect Soviet Far East from an amphibious assault, and defend itself with the Russian fighter?

  • Bad move for Russia to attack Manchuria first move. Once Russia does this, Japan can easily counter-attack…ending Russia’s presence in Asia…which will hurt Russia more than anything.
    Russia should sit tight and defend, sending 2 troops a round to reinforce. Depending if your playing Russia restricted or not, you may be able to send more troops east.
    The allies do much better defending and stalling the Japs than attacking. Not to say that they can’t attack, but Russia opens up the backdoor if they lose their Eastern front.

  • It might be bad for Japan to ignore China in turn 1. If the US/UK both place IC’s in turn 1 in Sinkiang/India, Japan can’t touch them, possibly at all. By the end of turn 3, Japan will only have 2 or 3 infantry in Novosibirsk or Evenki, and the Allies could take FIB and Kwantung. The Allies could also have armor rolling north waiting for Japanese infantry columns. Japanese NP will stagnate, the Russians can deal with them easier (with US/UK IC help), Japan can’t regain south-east Asia without reducing the drive into Russia, etc.
    In turn 1, if Russia takes Manchuria with fighter support and the UK builds an IC in India, Japan better keep their eyes open…

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