Favorite band

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    “…buy you some art, a Picasso or a Garfunkel.”

    BareNaked Ladies

    Glad to see I didn’t make it too hard.  :lol:

  • @RogertheShrubber:

    Alice in Chains have always been my all-time fav, pretty big fan.  Grew up in the middle of the Grunge age so my other favs are Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, 311, and Faith No More.  I am also a sucker for late 80’s early 90’s hair bands.

    What a coincidence, I’m gonna see them live Wednesday. Third row!

    Also, whenever I’m driving and my friends are with me, there is only one rule. If ZZ Top comes on, we crank it, no ifs ands or buts. Favorite band.

  • @Brain:


    What did you do in your band?

    Bassist, background vocals and songwriter.

    That is absolutely hilarious. You will never guess Brain. I actually love the Priest and Maiden and have a huge collection of CD’s with all kinds of heavy stuff, and, I have been in bands for over 20 years, playing clubs doing covers and I have been in a couple of original progects as well. And I am a bassist vocalist the same as you. I thought we had I few things in common but never realized. I knew you liked Maiden from your previuos Killers icon.

    The original bands I was in are Sirius and Eventide which both were recording acts. Sirius did demos and videos along with live shows and Eventide actually released an album and video and we had a publist and a radio promoter and we actaully did get some airplay and some royalty checks followed. Our single went to #1 on the Halifax university station (Halifax is on the other side of Canada)
    This is the old CD link:

    Some new bands I like (besides all the old metal bands) are:
    Linkin Park
    Sum 41

    Old favorites and obscure ones:
    Yngwie Malmsteen
    Mad Max
    Sabbath (all versions)

    and tons more, too many to name all. 8-)

  • @johnnymarr:

    I saw him 6 times since '03.  He always puts on a great show.  Always a perfect combo of Smiths/solo stuff.   Years of refusal was much better than ringleader of tormentors but not as good as You Are The Quarry.

    He has only been to this city once. That was 3 years ago and if he comes back I will go again. I like Quarry a lot too but not sure if more than Years. I listed to The Queen is Dead while at work today. Great album.

  • @johnnymarr:

    I saw him 6 times since '03.

    Oh, and by the way, LUCKY!!!

  • '10

    He has only been to this city once.

    ive had to travel a bit to see him, he doesnt come to Green Bay, WI.  ive had to go to chicago and milwaukee

  • You guys have good taste in music.

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