• I thought it helped the USSR?

  • @Dylan:

    I thought it helped the USSR?

    If you look at the map Mongolia would offer to Japan a shorter move (2 spaces) to Novosibirsk from Manchuria. Since it is neutral Japan must either take the northern route (Manchuria -Buryatia - Yak - Nov) or the China one (Man - China - Sinkiang - Nov), all of those with 3 spaces. Plus, it would allow for units to move freely between the 2 routes.

    On the Classic version it was possible to invade Mongolia and that was a normal move for Japan. On Revised/AA42 Mongolia being neutral helps more in the defense of the USSR since it constrains the Japanese advance to Russia.

  • several reasons.
    Mongolia is worthless strategically, its not technically a “country” at this point in history. its several loosely connected tribes.
    Its terrian is impassible in a short amount of time, similar to marching troops through the Himalayas. Again it doesnt produce much at this point in history either. consider it several rocky mountains. No food, no animals to eat said food, and no people to eat the animals.

  • Historically, I think it’s to signify Mongolian indifference to the Sino-Japanese war, and its animosity towards both countries (Japan attempted an invasion in 1939 I think, and were repelled with Soviet assistance, and the Mongols had been ruled by the Qing dynasty for so long, and their brethren in inner Mongolia were still being subjugated by the Chinese). For the strategic purposes of the game, Hobbes is correct, Mongolia serves to separate the northern and central routes of the Japanese advance on Moscow, same as what the Himalaya territory does in the south.

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