What's your favorite country and why?

  • Just curious as to what people say. My My favorite allied country is Russia. I love going toe-to-toe with Germany as the underdog. When the rolls go your way and you can push into German occupied space, the feeling is amazing. I know I’ll lose that territory in a turn, but that means it’s at least one more turn of my survival and one more turn for Britain to strike.

    As for the axis, it has to be Japan. I love wrecking the Pacific and keeping America pinned to their coast and then pushing into Russia and taking IPC by IPC with each turn. It completely ruins them and allows for Germany to easily march right into the heart of Russia.

    What about you guys?

  • Germany hands down for me.
    Not only is Germany THE millitary powerhouse of the board but they have so much to do during there turn like, trade territories with russia, defend against britain and USA in the atlantic, and then they contest africa. Then add to the pot that everyones is gunning for you and you’ve got yourself a fun, hard fight ahead of you

  • Germany the are always in the action and there’s always a new strategy to try. Twice I took India.

  • Japan. …they can strike all the allies in any location. and where they hit sets the tone for the game!

  • Germany they are so powerful the USSR are poor you have an African campaign that you can use they can sink stuff they can take the UK they can take Brazil they can take East Canada you can take Panama you can take Mexico you can take East US you can support Central US


  • China 😄
    Japan thinks she can take china, but it can be defended very well given certain strategic decisions. Buuut that’s for AA50 and P40, and Pacific.

    Hmm. I like to play as Britain. So many tactical decisions that make you a threat on every corner of the world!

    Germany is AWESOME too. Beautiful amount of starting units that makes me love AA42 for ages.

  • Japan. You have tons of options to attack the Allies. And late in the game, after you’ve taken British and Russian holdings, you’re an economic powerhouse and can wipe the floor with the Allies.

  • UK…

  • USA is my favorite allied country to play as love the naval battles and island hopping also like to get my forces into africa then move into the Mediterranean!
    Italy- is awesome to play as if played right can really hurt the UK i’ve taken india and all of africa great feeling!

  • Germany.

  • USSR

    Very straightforward slugfest with the Germans, plus you get to be the “underdog”.

  • [/ color]
    Japan!! Lots of islands and attack with boats…

  • I’d have to say Japan.  I’m a newer player and Japan seems like like it is the easiest (at least for me) to play as.

  • i cast my lot with the crowd, i love playing Japan.  You get to deal with some interesting naval maneuvering in the pacific, can reach across the whole map participating in every theater of war, and you are often the  largest power in the game, geographically speaking.  Many options, and usually no one putting a whole lot of pressure on you, leaving you free to dictate your battle plan.

  • For me, it’s a toss-up between Germany and Russia.  I love a great land campaign and being in the center of the fight.  Russia’s underdog status and Germany’s starting strength and options (Germany can build almost exclusively ground units, air, or even navy) make it tough to pick between them.

  • USA.
    i like countering (preferably cunning) Axis strategies.

    Also, it’s nice to have enough money to buy stuff  😄

  • UK. They have so many options and not many units, forcing difficult decisions and careful planning. You have to be creative and versatile with air and naval units, and cooperate with both Russia and USA to maintain control of important territories and sea zones. I love it!

  • @Cromwell_Dude:

    Well, earlier I stated “USA.”   But, now I’m feeling the Germany energy.   There’s never a dull moment with Germany.   It’s the hot seat.

    Russia can get a hot as Germany.

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