AA guns on Transports

  • After our first game of AA 50th we got frustrated with lone fighters sinking large fleets of transports with a single destroyer escort.  We reasoned that all transport ships had basic AA defenses and made a rule that if any fleet comes under attack by a force made up of only aircraft and/or transports then the defending transports may defend at a 1 and are treated like they were in the revised rules.  That means that if the attacker were to attack with a single warship then the defending transports can’t defend and are treated as normal. This discourages sole aircraft attacks on transports while not making them completely ineffective while still encouraging escorts against enemy ships. We found that this doesn’t effect game balance too much and is overall pretty fair.

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    Transports have no defenses that could ever approach the level of representation in a AA game.

    Each fighter is 1,000-1,500 front line aircraft. if Transports had a defense they would not need convoy escorts and destroyers and carriers to protect them. Thats why you buy them to protect them from the enemy.

  • @Imperious:

    Each fighter is 1,000-1,500 front line aircraft.

    OK, have to ask.  Where did you get that number?

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    based on larry’s input over the many times the topic " how many forces of each type is presented by the piece thread" About 80 of these threads exist since 2004.

    Also it makes sence considering the global setups are more or less realistic based on what each nation had in 1942 in serviceable front line aircraft.

  • I always thought an aircraft represented like 500 aircraft and even so fighters have limited fuel and the ocean is a big place, they shouldn’t be able to track down and destroy an unlimited amount of transports. They should at least be limited to a certain amount of rounds of combat before the transports get a chance to escape.

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    Transports move very slowly. They are prey to subs and planes. They don’t escape unless the enemy runs out of bullets.

    I think you don’t like them as fodder in combat, but its insane to bring them in combat only to lose them deliberately and keep your warships perfectly undamaged.

    This is a big change that i have always welcomed and wanted for years before.

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